A background on “Let’s Dish!” (local meal kit service)

What to have for dinner? If you are experiencing a challenging time trying to get an answer to this question, or are contemplating ordering takeout once more, Let’s Dish! Is for you. Let’s Dish! is a creative, local meal kit service that allows you to stock up on hand made, family-friendly dishes suitable for freezing. This is very convenient since it allows you to store food and cook it when you’d like to without too much hassle. Let’s Dish provides you with a variety of options to choose from. You can customize your dish, have Let’s Dish! Prepare it for you and pick it up, drop by and grab and go from their doorstep delivery or express case.

For nearly two decades, Let’s Dish! has been focusing on providing delightful dishes that are healthy, wholesome and ideal for families at all life stages. The menu features a broad selection of items that are delicious and are guaranteed to keep you coming back for more. All the frozen meal kits are handmade using locally-sourced, fresh, and wholesome ingredients ready to be made when you are. Let’s Dish! Reduces the amount of time you would otherwise spend trying to figure out what to have for dinner, and gives you more time to enjoy it. Many of the menu selections at Let’s Dish! are easy to make and can be prepared in less than thirty minutes. You do not need to have a knife or any culinary skills, and very little clean-up is needed. You will find dishes cooked in a slow cooker, on top of a stove, or grill, or pop in the oven. Let’s Dish! Provides three and six serving options in a wide range of options including vegetarian options, seafood, pork, beef and chicken. There are a variety of options for your dietary requirements, and if necessary, the Dish-n-Dash service gives you the opportunity to customize them even further. Over the many years of its existence, Let’s Dish! has developed more than one thousand recipes and continuously adds to its menu along with rotating its favorite selections from time to time.

Let’s Dish! Helps planners, procrastinators, and people dealing with regular gatherings or family crises. The idea behind Let’s Dish! is to allow people to be together and simply eat, by answering the age-old question: What to have for supper. With so much going on, life can get quite exhausting. Let’s Dish! Ensures that you have a plan for dinner anytime. Since its establishment, Let’s Dish! has expanded both its service and footprint. The establishment started with an in-shop model that allows customers to combine dishes for several servings at once. Today, more clients are opting to similar pre-order meals as gifts for others or themselves, or to go to the store and grab any pre-made choices that are available. Let’s Dish! has also partnered with Corbon’s to provide grocery and delivery options as well. During the establishment’s early days, the founders considered outsourcing certain aspects of the business but determined that the business involved too many delicate details for entrusting to a third party. Also, the founders take a lot of pride in Let’s Dish! and prefer to run the establishment hands on. Over the years, the service has been expanded to include customizable options that accommodate people with allergies, gluten intolerance, or spice preferences. 

Before launching Let’s Dish! The founder Olson was in the food industry, and Ruth Glaser the cofounder was working in the technology industry. At the time, they were both parents seeking to get into the food business and provide services that would allow them to lead their daily lives. The idea to set up a service such as Let’s Dish! Was ahead of its time coming 10 years before HelloFresh, Blue Apron, and other similar enterprises entered the now multi-billion dollar meal kit industry in America, according to the consumer markets analytics group Packaged Facts. For a small business, this has been an unusually successful move. According to data from the U.S.Bureau of Labour and Statistics, about 3 in 4 small business enterprises such as bank locations that are closed within 15 years. One of the reasons why Let’s Dish has been so successful over the years has been the significant number of times that a meal kit can be a lifesaver.

Let’s Dish! Is the optimal solution if you are seeking to create make-ahead meals that are tailored to your family’s preferences and tastes. As a local Minnesota enterprise, Let’s Dish! has established a reputation for providing convenient and delicious dishes that do not stretch your budget. 

Let’s Dish! has a rotational menu that changes from month to month. However, the menu selection is always excellent, and the meals are made using freshly sourced ingredients. From elegant treats such as Sirloin Tips in Merlot to popular family selections such as Ravioli Lasagna, Let’s Dish ensures that there is something for everybody. All of Let’s Dish! Recipes are designed by a group of culinary experts. What’s more, they are tested by real clients, who evaluate whether they are sufficiently easy, sufficiently good and if they can be made with a child hanging on to one leg.

Let’s Dish provides you with excellent culinary adventures that are risk-free. Let us face it, there are times that your cupboard barely has spaghetti, much less ethnic exotic cooking ingredients. Let’s Dish allows you to try out meals from various cultures across the globe, all without the need to commit to a garlic-chile paste jar.

One of the amazing things about the Let’s Dish! Service is that you get the meal prepared in your own terms. In other words, you are the chef making all the executive decisions. If you don’t like garlic, you can ditch them without any hassle. Love onions? Add as much as you’d like. Is your household small? No problem, you can split Let’s Dish! Six serving dishes in half. Fancy throwing a dinner party? Double up on a couple of meals and Bob’s your uncle!

Every month, Let’s Dish! features various menu selections, ranging from desserts to the main menu, all waiting for you to come and assemble them into excellent meal combinations. Some of the dishes you can expect from Let’s Dish! include oatmeal cake with caramel glaze, coconut red curry shrimp with rice, cheesy chipotle chicken enchiladas, buffalo chicken lasagna, apple teriyaki chicken with sugar snap peas, and much more.

Let’s Dish! ensures that you do not have to go through any hassle by doing all the hard work for you. You do not have to do any time-intensive preparation, nor shop for ingredients. All you need is delightful dishes for you to put into your combination of choice and take home to your friends and family.

Assemble a team of meal-weary friends, or seek yourself some solace in their kitchens. Choose your dishes online, select the time that is most convenient for you, assemble them at the shop, indulge in a complimentary snack, and safely escort the dishes you selected to your freezer.

Let’s Dish! is ideal for groups or when you are hosting private parties. You choose a time and date and use the store’s website to send invitations. Your guests cater to their bill, and you cater to yours. Staff will be available throughout to offer cooking tips, answer any questions, and offer after-party cleaning services

During busy evenings when your husband or wife is working late, and you have to cater for 3 children in 4 different places all at the same time, you can prepare a homemade meal without any hassle. All you have to do is take out the dish you would like to prepare out of the freezer and cook it by following the instructions that come with the dish.

You can choose from twelve, eight or four dishes. Each dish is ideal for approximately six people. You can divide the dishes further to cater for two or three people depending on the situation at hand. Another popular option at Let’s Dish! is Dish-n-Dash. Dish-n-Dash is a service that makes it convenient to order with Let’s Dish! By placing an order and having it dished by the staff for an extra fee. After you place the order, Let’s Dish! Staff will dish it for you, and you can pick it up on your way home. Another excellent service offered by Let’s Dish! is Dish Delivery. With the exception of placing your order, you will not have to lift a finger when you choose the Dish Delivery. After you place your order, Let’s Dish! Staff will dish it for you, and it will be delivered to any destination of your choice for an extra fee. Let’s Dish! also allows you to place an order and have dishes delivered to other people.

Regardless of whether you are a procrastinator, or would just like a solution for an unpredictable schedule, Let’s Dish! is your best bet. The meals are easy to preserve, delicious, and relatively easy to make!