Why no price *decrease* from Let’s Dish?

Fuel prices are down. Thank goodness.  We’ve heard from several customers who are asking when our prices will follow.  Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. 

As a food company, our prices are much more closely tied to food prices than they are to gas prices.  And while fuel costs are way down (believe me, a relief for all of us), we have not seen a decrease in our food costs.  In fact, food costs continue to rise and most economists see this trend continuing, much to everyone’s dismay.  And no, we’re not making this up because we are a food company J.  In fact, I might refer you to a recent article in the New York Times (“Food Prices Expected to Keep Going Up”, 11/27/08).  You might need to log in to see the article, so here’s the key quote: “Experts warn that consumers should not expect lower prices anytime soon on most items at the grocery store or in restaurants.”  Unfortunately, we’re all seeing this wherever we shop… and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change.  As a company, and as individuals, we all keep hoping things get better, but I don’t think anyone can say for sure. 

Despite this tough environment, Let’s Dish! has offered a lot of extras to our customers.  In 2008 alone: we added the DishRewards program and have already doled out over $100,000 in savings to customers around the region; we started including sides with almost every meal; we donated hundreds of  meals to needy families through our Pink Dish Campaign and other  programs; we added kid sessions; and we created “HALVES” so customers  could dish for as little as $54.  Hopefully in the end, all this makes it worth the price you pay.  Sure, there are cheaper ways to eat.  But when you combine convenience, value, nutrition, variety and taste, we truly believe that Let’s Dish! is hard to beat.  We hope you agree. 

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