Why No Discount on HALVES?

Tons of excitement about our new HALVES offer.  And we’re thrilled.A few folks have asked why we can’t apply discounts to this offering.  Our hope in introducing HALVES was two-fold: increase variety and decrease customers’ cash outlay.  Despite the lower ticket price, we consider HALVES a special product — we specially prepare the proteins (you may have noticed the separate bag) and other elements of your purchase, which adds to our cost in store.  Sure, we’re happy to do a little extra work because we’re thrilled to accommodate the couples and smaller families who enjoy the HALVES offer.  But we think $13.50/meal is already a great value for the taste and variety HALVES delivers… it’s a premium product and therefore not eligible for discounts (mostly…)

Actually, we’ve recently amended this policy, allowing customers to use DishPoints for HALVES sessions (see how here).  More good news: when you order HALVES, you actually accumulate DishPoints twice as fast — our system cannot distinguishe between half and full meals (we have to make adjustments manually at the store).  So you get 500 points for every 10-half plateau, as opposed to “regular” customers, who must dish 10 full meals for those extra DishPoints.

So admittedly, the discounts may not be as sweet for HALVES.  We believe the additional variety is worth the price (esp with those extra DishPoints!).  And we hope you agree.

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