Why can’t I double-dip on coupons?

Occasionally we’ll get comments from a disher who wants to use multiple promo codes for one session.  Unfortunately, we can’t allow that.  The first reason is that our system only has space for one promo code per order.  The second (probably related!) reason, is that we simply can’t afford to have customers piling on the discounts.

We send out a fair number of coupons – through direct mail, email, and in the occasional magazine.  Many of our flyers actually have two or more coupons!  If we let dishers accumulate coupons and use multiples on a single order, we’d quickly be giving $30, $40, $50 discounts with some regularity.  Pretty soon, we might be paying you to come dish (and pretty soon after that, we’d be out of business).

There’s plenty of precedent out there.  Few pizza places allow you to apply multiple coupons to the same pie.  And we don’t know of any grocers who will let you amass 3 or 4 different seventy-five cent coupons for the same box of cereal.  So we’re happy to provide coupons and discounts to our best customers.  And we hope you understand why we won’t let you double- (triple-, or quadruple-) dip on promos!

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