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The 7 AM Solution

We all know about the little window of time that we crawl through each evening. It begins at a precise moment shortly after the kids are done with sports or activities, stepping off of the late school bus, or when we finish sending the last email at work to face traffic and make it home. […]

Pick up your next Let’s Dish! order in your neighborhood!

Thanks for visiting! At this time we have suspended Hotspot deliveries in the Northern Virginia region. Sign up for DishDelivery to have our delicious meals delivered to your doorstep!

FREE meals for teachers and school administrators!

From endless lesson planning to coaching teams, we all know that teachers do so much for our kids and our communities.  So, this back-to-school season, we’re giving them free meals with our new Salute to Teachers event! Each Wednesday from August 10th to August 31st, any teacher, educator or school administrator can walk-in and assemble […]

Let’s Dish! + Wild Kratts = FUN!

Things are about to get noisy (and delicious!) at the Maryland Zoo!  Chris and Martin Kratt, the starts of the PBS series “Wild Kratts” are coming to the Zoo in Baltimore for two live shows on Sunday, June 26… and Let’s Dish! is sponsoring the event!  The best part?  We have 50 pairs of tickets […]

All this dishing makes us thirsty

Does anyone really find refreshment in a warm glass of lemonade? Not us, that’s for sure. There’s a solution: the Let’s Dish! tervis tumbler, complete with double-walled insulation that keeps your drinks cold (or hot!) even in 98 degree record-breaking temperatures (wow!). It’s the perfect addition to roadtrips with the family, lounging by the pool, […]

Tis’ the season…

Tis’ the season for delicious food, delectable desserts, and finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list! Let’s Dish! can help with all three, and save you a little dough (and your sanity) at the same time! Here’s how we’re making the holidays hassle-free, fun and delicious: Dishing with Santa: A Special Parent/Kid session! […]

No pasta…?! No bread…?!

Could you live without bread or pasta? A few weeks ago a homeopathic health practitioner recommended I eliminate gluten. As he talked about my apparent intolerance to wheat, I had visions of artisan bread floating through my mind. I really didn’t like the idea of giving up my favorite indulgences. My mother recently made the […]

A match made in dishing heaven

As a company that prides itself on making lives a bit easier, we’re always looking to partner with others that do the same. This time around we’ve found a truly perfect match! If you’ve been in our stores this month, you know that we’re offering trendy, super-practical Scout cooler bags as part of our in-store […]

Celebrating five years of dishing in Virginia

It seems like just yesterday that we were one day from opening and I was standing at the door of Dominion Virginia Power’s main office begging them to turn power on to the shopping center. It was August 2005, and we were the first tenant to open in the Cameron Chase Shopping Center in Ashburn. […]

It takes a village…

We’re all so busy these days with our careers, children and countless items on our to do lists. Sure, Let’s Dish! helps by providing a healthy, quick dinner even on those crazy nights, but, let’s face it, it truly takes a village to navigate through daily life…complete with neighbors who care. It amazes me that […]

Celebrate any occasion with Let’s Dish!

What’s it take to throw the perfect party?  Good friends and great food!  At Let’s Dish! we’ve got both, plus all the tools and support you need to make hosting any party easy and delicious!  Planning a Girls Night Out or Corporate Team-Building event?  At a Let’s Dish! Private Party, you can spend time with friends AND prepare […]

“Mommy” Loves Us!

OK, you knew that moms everywhere love the taste, convenience and value of Let’s Dish! meals.  But one mom in particular has just discovered Let’s Dish!, and we wanted to share the news with you.  Megan Vance writes for the mommypr.com blog.  And it’s not just *any* blog, in fact, it’s ranked in the too […]

K.ids A.ctivity S.tation A.vailable @ New “KASA” Sessions

Now at specially-marked “KASA” sessions, independent children can draw, read, or do crafts at our “activity station” while mom or dad takes care of the dishing.  Cancel the babysitter! If you have a kid or kids mature enough to work the coloring book and/or make a friendship bracelet, but too young for a Parent/Kid(8+) session, […]

Experience “Gluten Freedom!”

If you or someone you love is gluten-intolerant, we know how challenging it can be to enjoy healthy, convenient, delicious, restaurant-quality meals. At Let’s Dish!, we accommodate all kinds of dietary restrictions — and are especially proud to serve the growing population of dishers who seek gluten-free alternatives. Many of our meals are already gluten-free, […]

Date Night @ Let’s Dish!

Bring your own “honey,” and we’ll have the rest of the ingredients ready for a fun (and productive) date night at Let’s Dish!.  Couple are welcome any time at our stores, but specially marked “Date Nights” make dishing together that much more fun! Why spend your limited free time (and all that money!) fighting the […]

Raise Big Funds w/Let’s Dish! – I’ll Show You How

Let’s Dish! takes the hassle out of dinner.  Now we take the hassle out of fundraising as well. Over the past 5 years, Let’s Dish! has raised thousands of dollars for local schools, causes, initiatives and organizations just like yours.  We’ve got toolkits and experience that will make planning and publicizing your event a snap, […]

A Lesson in Saving

Last spring, my friends and I spent hundreds of dollars at restaurants and take-out on vacation.  We didn’t realize we could save over $30 a day by bringing great-tasting, family-friendly meals from Let’s Dish!  Here’s the story: Spending a long weekend away was exactly what we needed, but we didn’t want to go broke doing so!  Excitedly, the four […]

“Second Sundays”: Bring Your Kid to Dish!

Now you and your child (8 years and up) can dish together on the second Sunday of each month*.  “Second Sundays” at Let’s Dish! of Maryland and Northern Virginia provide the perfect venue for parent/kid bonding, collaboration and fun!  Times vary by store, so please check our calendar and look for sessions marked “Parent/Kid(8+)”.You’ll find […]

Happy Blogoversary!

Way back in ’07 when we talked about the idea of launching a blog for our Let’s Dish! stores, it seemed like an intimidating task.  Heck, most of us didn’t even know what a “blog” really was … or did… or something.  But as we investigated our options, we learned that a blog would not […]

Happy Holidays from Let’s Dish!

December 25th.  Whatever you are celebrating this day or this season, we hope you are enjoying some downtime with friends and family. Our stores are closed today (although, pssst, you can still buy gift cards online in case you forgot someone!) so the 250+ employees of Let’s Dish! can spend the day with their loved […]

The Perfect Gift

‘Tis the perfect season to be thinking about Let’s Dish! Gift Cards.  Here are my six favorite reasons why: Let’s Dish! meals are wholesome, delicious and practical.  So a gift from Let’s Dish! says you really care about them. Your friends and family-members have enough tie racks and ceramic ducks already!  Give them something they’ll […]

The Bearer of Good News

Last week, I was invited to an elementary school in South Riding, VA. The principal called an “emergency” faculty meeting after school.  But this wasn’t an emergency in the traditional sense; she just wanted to be sure everyone was there… and on time… so that I could deliver some exciting news. You see, at this school there’s a […]

A Pink Dish! Success Story, Thanks To You

October is over but the Pink Dish! giving has just begun!  Thanks to the support and participation of all of you – dishers, friends, family, the Let’s Dish! team and the community – the Pink Dish! Campaign achieved its goal once again. We are proud to announce that this year’s contributions enabled us to fund […]

To Your Health!

People are often surprised to learn that the Let’s Dish! meals they know and love are actually good for them.  As I develop the monthly menus, I am fully aware that these are the meals you will be feeding your family.  I want them to taste good (hey, we all know some picky eaters), but […]

Dear Mom and Dad, Please Send Food

Many college kids eat a lot of day-old pizza and hot dogs and other questionable fare.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  In the 4 years Let’s Dish! has been open, we’ve noticed a clear trend: Let’s Dish! food being consumed by college students.  Typically, the parents buy the food for their son or daughter […]

To the Unsung Heroes fighting to eradicate breast cancer!

As I read the stories that have been submitted to the Pink Dish! Campaign, and I look around at the vast amount of publicity breast cancer is receiving this October, I am reminded of where I was last year. A year ago right now I was just finishing up my last AC chemo treatment for […]

Lisa Dishes Pink on FOX 45

Lisa Hardiman cooks up our “Pink Dish 2008,” Antioxidant-Rich Greek Isle Chicken on FOX 45 Morning News. Delicious, easy-to-make, healthy, and with $5 from each Ready Made purchase supporting local families coping with breast cancer — it’s no wonder Lisa and Alexa have host wowed Fox host, Steve Fertig! Pretty sure he’ll be firing up […]

Catch Lisa on TV!

Lisa Hardiman, Let’s Dish! Mid-Atlantic co-founder, breast cancer survivor and Pink Dish! spokesperson will be hitting the airwaves again.  Catch her Monday, October 13 on Fox45 Morning News (Baltimore) with Kimberly Moore!  She’ll be cooking up our delicious Antioxidant-Rich Greek Isle Chicken, the “official” Pink Dish of 2008 — developed in colaboration with the American […]

Portion Sizes

We’ve gotten more than a few comments about our portion sizes over the years.  Some people say they’re too big, others say they’re too small (few if any have written to call them “just right”, but we suspect that silent majority is out there!). Truth is, in most case our “dishes” provide 6 standard portion sizes […]

Proud To Be a Part of Pink Dish!

As we at Let’s Dish! began the planning for the 2008 Pink Dish! Campaign, I found it hard to believe that it had already been a year since our first initiative. Then again, a year can mean so much in the fight against breast cancer – and the same is true for Pink Dish!. Lisa […]

She Gloves Me, She Gloves Me Not

We often get questions about wearing gloves when dishing.  Our number one priority (yes, even above providing delicious convenient meals for your family!) is keeping everyone safe.  That’s the driver of our glove policy, which (usually) suggests you not wear gloves when dishing.  Sound ironic?  Read on…   When handling raw meat directly, we ask […]

Q: What’s To Eat, Baltimore? A: Let’s Dish!

We were delighted to see that What’s to Eat, Baltimore, a super-popular blog on topics close to our heart, features a review of Let’s Dish! in today’s post. W.T.E.B. demonstrates superb taste with their astute review of our Garlic Herb Salmon: “It was heavenly, the flavored butter just marinated itself all over the salmon, and […]

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