She Gloves Me, She Gloves Me Not

We often get questions about wearing gloves when dishing.  Our number one priority (yes, even above providing delicious convenient meals for your family!) is keeping everyone safe.  That’s the driver of our glove policy, which (usually) suggests you not wear gloves when dishing.  Sound ironic?  Read on…


When handling raw meat directly, we ask (read: require) that you do wear vinyl gloves.  You should find a supply of gloves at the station (and if you don’t, please ask!).


On the other hand (so to speak), for meals that don’t require direct handling of raw meat, the Heath Department actually prefers that we do not rely on gloves.  Turns out that constantly wearing gloves provides dishers with a false sense of security and leads them to wash their hands less frequently.  That’s bad, since frequent hand-washing is far and away the best way to prevent spread of food-borne illness. 


Bottom line: rubber gloves when handling raw meat and frequent, thorough hand-washing will keep your meals as safe as they are delicious.


Happy (and safe) dishing!

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