Salmon Update: Good News!

Regular dishers have noticed that our signature salmon has taken an extended summer vacation.  Long story short: the worldwide salmon shortage has made our signature 2-lb fresh Chliean filets nearly impossible to come by at any price.   (Long story long can be found on my blog post here).  The good news is that the crop is making a modest comeback and we were able to secure a limited amount of this coveted supply.  You’ll find Lemon and Dill Salmon (one of my favorites) on the November menu.  Woo hoo!

OK, so the news is good… but it’s coming in baby steps.  While we are thrilled that this signature item is back on the menu, the cost (to Let’s Dish!) remains high, and the quantities remain low.  For this reason, we are limiting the order quantity to one salmon dish per customer, per session.  We want to make sure there is enough for all of our customers to get a taste of this delicious item, and we don’t know when it will once again be available.

There will also be limited supplies in our Ready Made case, where purchases will be capped at two per household.  Customers dishing a session can add a second salmon to their order for $25.  Unfortunately, no further salmon add-ons will be permitted.

Our customers, our staff, and heck, even our families are just so excited that salmon is back.  We are hopeful that sometime in the near future we can relax our limitations… but for now, we want to make sure that no salmon-lover goes home empty-handed.

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