Portion Sizes

We’ve gotten more than a few comments about our portion sizes over the years.  Some people say they’re too big, others say they’re too small (few if any have written to call them “just right”, but we suspect that silent majority is out there!).

Truth is, in most case our “dishes” provide 6 standard portion sizes as stipulated by FDA guidelines.   Our chicken breasts, for example, are 5oz each… which is what the government recommends.  Of course, the FDA makes no recommendations for a portion size of Strawberry Margarita Pie, but we try to make these sizes consistent with guidelines for more “standard” meals and desserts.

For those who feel our portions are too small: The root of this perception is likely the portion sizes you see at the so-called “family restaurants”, where a typical meal (for one) is the size of 2-3 “portions” as the FDA outlines them.  In fact, many chains have had their “aggressive” portion sizes cited as a factor in America’s obesity epidemic.  At Let’s Dish!, we strive to provide healthy, satisfying portions (not pre-meet meals for Olympic swimmers!).

For those who feel our portions are too big: That one’s easy — leftovers!  In our family, the next day’s lunch is the second-best thing about a Let’s Dish! dinner.  In fact, my son — with his chilled Apricot-Crusted Salmon — is often the lunchtime envy of his pre-school class!

In the end, we’re all different, and our appetites vary.   We try to cover this by saying our meals serve 4-6.  And the fact that we get about as many people saying “too big” as we do saying “too small” leads us to believe that we’re probably right on the money.

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P.S. Another request we sometimes see is for a 4-serving dish (“splits are too small, fulls too big”).  Unfortunately, our systems are such that we can’t offer this option just yet (would require a third set of instructions, new online ordering, etc).  So to all those fams-of-four out there (including my own!), I say… we’re working on it!  In the meantime, it’s all about the leftovers :) 

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