Organics at Let’s Dish!?

At Let’s Dish!, your health and our planet’s health are always on our mind.  We’ve previously blogged about our environmental and sustainability efforts.  This post will address an increasingly relevant topic: health, and more specifically — organics.

We take great pride in the healthfulness of our products.  We offer a wide variety of options, fresh ingredients, vegetarian dishes, lower carb/better carb options (such as brown rice), all-natural chicken breasts, a commitment to transfat-free meals, etc.  [And we believe in balance too — a Decadent Molten Chocolate Cake every now and then never hurt anyone!] So that you can make your own choices, we offer complete nutritional information online, including the ever-popular Weight Watchers Points.

Recently we have seen an uptick in requests for organic options.  And we wish we could provide more foods of this nature.  Unfortunately, it’s actually quite a bit of a challenge – even more so than most would think. The cost to source organic foods can be up to 3x non-organic, and adding these components would result in dramatic price increases for our customers (something few folks are looking for these days… at least according to our surveys!).  Furthermore, it is difficult to source many of the foods in the first place, at least in the volumes and pack sizes that we need. (Whole Foods can do it, for example, because they are SO large and they have their own supply chain.) Therefore, at this point, we simply cannot include organic foods on our menu. We do, however, continue to monitor the market and consider ways that we might introduce this type of product.

In the meantime, we hope that our natural, preservative-free products will fit right in on your family’s table.

Here’s to your health!

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