Options for Veggies

We frequently hear from folks who love our vegetarian entrees and want more, more, more (with Wild Rice Stuffed Portabellas, Spinach Ravioli, Pasta Pomodoro, etc… who could blame them?).  As you may know, our regular menus always offer at least two vegetarian options  — and we are always working very hard to increase our selection of meat-free meals.

In the meantime, please be aware that you can currently alter most of our “regular” meals to make them veggie.  Just substitute black beans or veggies for the provided animal protein. Our stores always keep plenty of these items on hand, so please ask if you have trouble finding them.  Some meals work better than others, and we’d be delighted to discuss options with you. 

Also, don’t forget to browse our Ready Made case.  You’ll find lots of selections not on our regular monthly menus, many of which are vegetarian.  You’ll also find loads of delicious sides and desserts… from Maple-Glazed Carrots to Decadent Molten Chocolate Cakes.   While selection varies by store, you’ll always find a nice sample online.

Thanks for dishing!

P.S. Many folks ask us about tofu.  At this time, we do not offer tofu as a meat substitute.  We have tested tofu extensively and thus far it does not meet up to our quality standards.  We have found that it does not properly make it through the cycle of freeze-thaw-cook– it tends to take on a strange texture and our vegetarian testers haven’t judged it good enough. We’re only willing to put items on our menu that meet up to our lofty standards.  We’ll keep working on good options, though, and we’d be delighted to hear any ideas from our customers!

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