Veggie Special – October

The September debut of our “VEGGIE” special was so successful, we’re bringing out a brand-new veggie lineup for October as well.   Our menu features four fantastic dishes with no meat.  And you can save 20% vs a regular 4-dish session with the VEGGIE promo code.  Here’s what we’re offering thisd month (scroll down for ordering instructions):


Simply choose your October session at  Then select any combo of the four of the meals above (you can choose 2 of one meal and none of another, if you like), and enter promo code “VEGGIE” at checkout.  Your charges will be adjusted to reflect our VEGGIE discount and you’ll be ready to go!

Note that the VEGGIE discount is only available for any combination of the meals above, and requires vegetable substitutions as listed above for all animal proteins.  No other substitutions will be permitted.

Some great meal options for vegetarians — or anyone looking for wholesome, delicious dinners.  Enjoy!


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