FREE Delivery for New Moms!

It’s simple: New moms get FREE delivery from Let’s Dish!

If you became a mom (or became a mom again) in the last 3 months, congratulations!  Not only do you have a new bundle of joy, you can get FREE delivery on healthy, convenient meals from Let’s Dish!  Just email and and we’ll set you up with your unique promo code (you’ll need to provide proof of birthdate, and some other restrictions apply; email us now or read on for more details).

NEW! This offer is now also available to moms-to-be experiencing a difficult pregnancy (or who just want to have a freezer full of convenience when they welcome their new bundle of joy).  You can begin your 3-month window for FREE delivery before your child’s birth.  If DishDelivery would be most useful to you right now, just send us a doctor’s note, sonogram, or other proof of pregnancy and we’ll get your started on the program immediately.

FREE Delivery from Let’s Dish! for new moms

So, new Moms (and moms-to-be), would you like some help with dinner? Or, how about with three months of dinner? Here’s a special offer from Let’s Dish! just for you…

Let’s Dish!
has a special delivery for new mothers: FREE DishDelivery for three months after your baby is born! That’s right, with our “You Deliver, DishDelivers! offer, we’ll waive all delivery fees on 8-meal DishDelivery orders placed within the first three months after you have a baby. You can select your meals from our monthly menu and order from all Let’s Dish! locations in Maryland and Northern Virginia – then, the meals are delivered right to your door.*

Eight (or more) easy and delicious meals without leaving the house – now that’s a new mom’s dream come true! Here’s how to qualify for our “You Deliver, DishDelivers” offer:

  • Simply email to set up your own unique promotional code that will waive the delivery fee.
  • New moms must provide proof of baby’s birth date (via email or brought into your nearest Let’s Dish! store) to qualify for the promotion.
  • This offer is valid for 90 days from your baby’s date of birth. (or from date of initial email, for moms-to-be)
  • This offer applies to 4- and 8-meal DishDelivery sessions only and is a savings of $30 on every order!

We know our healthy, delicious meals are a help during challenging times – and let’s face it, new moms need all the help they can get!

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Corcoran FamilyAs a co-owner of Let’s Dish! and mother of two, I hope all you new moms in the mid-Atlantic can take advantage of this special offer. Speaking from experience, I barely remember stumbling through those first months – and we had not yet opened our Let’s Dish! stores so I was in the same boat as everyone else! I’d try to look and act like a coherent, put-together woman instead of the exhausted, two-under-two-mom I was. And, when my second decided she wouldn’t sleep through the night until she was eight-months old, to say I missed sleep is a massive understatement. Hibernating bears would have nothing on me if I could have found a dark room and a “Do Not Disturb” sign. Here’s a pic of me on *the day* I would have contacted Let’s Dish! for my much-needed You Deliver, DishDelivers offer! :-)

Wishing you a doorstep full of DishDelivery and as many hours of sleep as you can get – and look forward to dishing with for you soon!

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*Offer not valid on in-store or Dish-n-Dash sessions. Offer cannot be applied to previously-booked sessions or combined with other offers. Delivery fee covers cost of delivery within the Mid-Atlantic covered zones covered by DishDelivery only. Visit for details on eligible delivery areas.

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