Moving quickly through the stations

Most of us enjoy dishing, whether we do it alone or with friends.¬† Just knowing we’re putting a month’s worth of wholesome meals in our family’s freezer while snacking on scones and listening to some XM radio¬†is¬†enough to put a smile on our face.

That said, no one likes wasting time.  And during busier times of the year, we will occasionally get comments from dishers who end up waiting for a few minutes for a station.  Here are some tips (and some things to keep in mind) for those who might be concerned:

  • Generally, our busiest sessions are on the weekends.¬† If you can, plan you session for a weeknight — or better a weekday.
  • During orientation, ask your hosts which meals are more popular or might¬†take¬†a little longer.¬† Keep a half-eye on those stations, and if you see them empty… take advantage!
  • Where space permits, we try to have two stations for our most popular/most complex meals, although this varies by location and by session.¬† Still, before giving up, please look to see¬†(or ask) if there’s a second station for the meal you’re dishing.¬†
  • Two words: free snacks!
  • Sessions and menus are built to last 2 hours, and there is some waiting time built into our calculations.¬† While dishing may take you less than 2 hours, we can’t make any promises.¬† In the unusual case where it takes you more than two hours, our staff will usually help you finish up.
  • If you can’t find 2 hours to dish, we can usually accomodate you with Dish-n-Dash.

Please be patient and have fun.¬† We know you’ve got a long to do list.¬† Our goal is to make your visit to Let’s Dish! both enjoyable and efficient.

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