Let’s Dish!: Sensible Solutions For Tight Budgets

Sensible SolutionIt’s hard to turn on the TV or open a newspaper without a reminder of the economic challenges our nation is facing. As the turmoil on Wall Street hits home on Main Street, more families are turning to Let’s Dish! for a solution. Here’s why:

  • Let’s Dish! costs less than dining out. What was the check last time you brought the family to Applebee’s? $50? $60? $80? A Let’s Dish! dinner serves 4-6, and costs as little as $23 (that’s for all-natural chicken breasts, top quality pork tenderloins, etc).

  • Let’s Dish! costs about as much as making it from scratch. We take care of the planning, the shopping, the chopping. And we do most of the clean-up. Do you think you could shop the grocery store and make one of our meals for the same $3.72 per serving they cost at Let’s Dish!? We couldn’t!

  • Let’s Dish! value is getting better and better. While grocery prices rise, and our competitors cut back, Let’s Dish! keeps adding more value. We’ve added sides to almost every meal. We’ve launched DishRewards, which has already doled out over $100,000 in Dishing discounts. And starting in November, we’ll offer half-sized meals for smaller families (with smaller budgets) … more variety and more deliciousness, with sessions starting at only $58.

We’re all feeling the crunch these days. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise at mealtime. With Let’s Dish!, healthy, convenient family dinners can fit just about any budget. Sign up and start saving today!

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