K.ids A.ctivity S.tation A.vailable @ New “KASA” Sessions

Now at specially-marked “KASA” sessions, independent children can draw, read, or do crafts at our “activity station” while mom or dad takes care of the dishing.  Cancel the babysitter!

Leo and GradyIf you have a kid or kids mature enough to work the coloring book and/or make a friendship bracelet, but too young for a Parent/Kid(8+) session, “KASA” may be the perfect solution.  You get your dishing done, avoid the hassle and expense of paid childcare, and enjoy peace of mind with your little one(s) just a few feet away.  Meanwhile, your child(ren) can take advantage of our activity station, make some new friends, and (with your permission) even enjoy a scone or two.  Everyone wins!

This isn’t baby-sitting.  Parents are ultimately responsible for their children’s behavior and safety.  Kids who disrupt the session may be asked to leave (with their parent).  But if your child needs little more than a coloring book, Cheerios necklace and an occasional “check in” from mom or dad, KASA sessions are just what you’re looking for.  Sign up today, or read on for our FAQs.

What do you mean by “independent children”?
Your child(ren) must be able to play with minimal supervision.  They won’t be allowed by the dishing stations (for safety’s sake), so they’ll need to entertain themselves by and large while you are assembling meals.  If you’ve got a kid who can color on his own for 20 minutes at a time, have a brief chat with you, then go color some more… then you have what we call an “independent child.”  If your little one is more likely to demand your (or someone else’s attention) every 5-10 minutes, KASA may not be right for you.

What kind of activities are available?
It’ll depend on the store and the day.  In the past, we have had bracelet weaving, coloring contests, and hands-on activities of this nature.  If you prefer to bring your own (low-key) toys and games, you’re welcome to do so!

How do I sign up?
Look for specially marked “KASA” sessions on your store’s calendar.  Sign up as you would a regular session, and please also call your store so we know to reserve a spot at the Kids Activity Station for your child(ren) — limited seating is available.

Hope to see you there!

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