How to Subscribe

Wondering how you can access our Food for Thought blog content more easily – and on a regular basis?

The way to do this is to subscribe to our feed using one of the three methods below:

  1. If you have an account with one of the news readers below, click on it to add our blog’s content to your web page.  (This will mean you have a little module on your personalized page that shows you the latest content from Food for Thought.)  Or, if you don’t already have a personal page on one of the news readers below, click on it to create an account.
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  2. If you have an account with another news reader not listed above, click the orange icon Subscribe to our blog  to copy and paste, or drag and drop, this blog’s address into that reader instead.  Some choices include: newsgator, rojo, bloglines, netvibes, pageflakes and more.
  3. If you aren’t on the web everday and prefer to read our blog content when it is delivered directly to your email inbox, you can also subscribe via email[The easiest way to do this if you are on the Food for Thought blog page is just to enter your email address in the box on the sidebar to the right of this page.]

If you have more questions about subscribing, or using our blog, check out our post – The Dish On…Our Blog and RSS – on this very topic!

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