Halves – FAQs

Q.  What is “Halves”?
It’s a great solution for smaller families.  Rather than meals that serve 4-6 each, you get meals that serve 3 each.

Q. OK, but how does it differ from “splitting” a dish?
A.  Good question.  When you “split” a dish, you get two portions (of the same meal), each serving 2-3 people.  When you order “Halves” you get only 1 portion, which serves 3.  “Halves” gives you more variety, since you are getting just one of each dish.

Q.  How much does it cost?
A.  “Halves” cost just about $14 per dish (each serves 3 people).  So the session pricing is as follows:

4-Meal “Halves” Session:  $62

8-Meal “Halves” Session: $124

12-Meal “Halves” Session:  $186

Q.  How do I order “Halves”
A.  Select your meals as you normally would.  When you get to checkout on letsdish.com, simply enter HALVES in the promo code space.  You must enter this code to place an order for a “Halves” session.  Your charge will be $15.50 per meal, and the store will be alerted to have “halves” portioned ingredients ready upon your arrival.

Q.  Are there certain designated “Halves” sessions on your calendar?
A.  No.  You make any session into a “Halves” session simply by entering promo code HALVES at checkout on letsdish.com.

Q.  How many “Halves” can I order?
A.  Order 4, 8 or 12 meals online.  You can always add on in-store for $15.50 per meal

Q.  Can I do Dish-n-Dash or DishDelivery?
A.  Yes, but you pay the same per-meal assembly fee as you would for full meals.  So the most economical solution for smaller families who like Dish-n-Dash is to order 4, 8 or 12 pre-assembled meals as usual, the enter “please split my meals” in the special instructions box (at the bottom of the menu page while ordering).  You’ll end up paying less per dinner than you would if you ordered ‘Halves’

Q.   What if your menu designates that a meal may not be split?  OR Can I mix full- and half-portion meals when ordering a “Halves” session?
The answer to both of these questions is the same.

We don’t recommend that you order a meal designated as a dish that may not be split – and you may not order a full-portion meal at the same time if you’re designating it as a “Halves” session. If you really have your heart on having that particular dish, however, you may order the meal in full by making it two of your meals.  To do this, you would order a Quantity of 2 next to that dish on our menu page, essentially ordering a full meal. This would move it from the pricing for one half portion to two half portions – or a full meal that serves 6.  For this meal, you will then pay the “Halves” per meal price twice ($15.50/meal x 2= $31).  And, again, that would count of 2 of your ordered dishes for your “Halves” session.

A better option would be to consider purchasing the meal you want in a full portion from our Ready Made retail freezer when you are at your session – and stick to ordering “halves” for your session. This gives you the most variety and the best price for all the dishes you’d like to take home.  We suggest you contact the store in advance of your session to confirm availability of that particular meal in the Ready Made freezer; selection varies by store.

Q. What if I also want to order side dishes or other meals from the Ready Mades menu (appearing after the main menu)?
You can absolutely add on any side dishes, main courses, or desserts from our online Ready Mades menu that appears on the page after you’ve selected your session meals.  Please note, however, that anything ordered will not be in a half portion – they are full-portioned sides, meals or desserts unless otherwise designated. And, these Ready Mades are priced independently – they are not considered part of your “Halves” session, so you will pay the price designated when you added to your order.   Only your session meals will be pre-ordered to be prepared in half portions, and only the session cost will be adjusted when you use the HALVES code at checkout.


So, in summary:

What is the step-by-step process for ordering “Halves” and where exactly is that box where I should enter the code?

You want to enter the code HALVES in the promotional code box in the center of the checkout page.  Here’s how the order of pages will go when you’re signing up:

1)  Choose a session type: Select a store and type of session. We really only recommend ordering “Halves” for an In-Store Session.

2)  Choose Session: Select a session date and time from our calendar.

3)  Pick Menu Selections: Choose the meals you’d like to order. These are the meals that you want in the portion-size of 3 servings. Enter a Quantity of 1 to order that meal in the half portion.

4)  Select Ready Mades: Add to your order any sides, main course, or desserts you’d like from our Ready Made selection. These will be prepared for you when you arrive at your session. As a reminder, they are exactly the portion designated on the menu, not half portions or differently priced.

5)  Review Your Order: Please review all the meals ordered before you continue.

6)  Login: Log in to your Let’s Dish! account or create one if this is your first order.

7)  Enter Customer Information:  This is the page where you will enter the HALVES promotion code.  Please enter your personal information and verify that it is correct, then enter the code HALVES in the field next to “Promotional Code” – this is very important.  Enter your payment information.  Click “Next” to proceed.

8)  One Step to Go: Place Your Order:  This is the final page of the checkout process.  Your price has been adjusted to the “Halves” pricing and your order should be shown in full.  If you have entered the code correctly, you will also see a small line at the bottom of your order summary confirming your splitter meals.  Verify your order, read and accept the terms of this purchase and Place Order!

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