Halves and Have-Nots

Tons of excitement about our new HALVES offer.  And we’re thrilled.

A few folks have questioned the $13.50 per meal cost, which is about $1 higher than if your ordered fulls.  Our hope in introducing HALVES was two-fold: increase variety and decrease customers’ cash outlay.  These days getting a session as low as $54 (rather than $100) can be pretty meaningful. And yes it is slightly more expensive on a per portion basis … but not much … and there is plenty of precedent for smaller sizes costing more per ounce (think peanut butter jars … or even our existing 4 meal sessions vs 12 meals).  Extra packaging, smaller sizes, more labor involved… these are typically offset by a slightly higher cost to the consumer.

Sure, you may be able to cook from scratch for less (emphasis on “may”… grocery prices are rising a lot faster than ours are).  But we hope the convenience, variety, healthfulness, etc, make it worth the investment. As a guy who ate plenty of Ramen Noodles during college, you’ll never hear me say Let’s Dish! is the cheapest way to fill your belly.

But with our new “HALVES” option, we feel you can get plenty of variety (unlike Ramen, not just “beef” or “chicken” flavored) for a reasonable cash outlay and a highly competitive per-portion cost.

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