How to redeem your Groupon NY voucher

**Click here to see where we deliver**

1. Print your Groupon Voucher

2. Visit and select the “NY-Metro NY/NJ Delivery” store from the pull down menu under “Ready to Dish!.” Then click “Sign-Up Online.”

3. Select “DishDelivery” (should be your only option), and then click “Next”

4. Read through “Detail, Terms and Conditions” and then click “I agree, let’s go!”

5. Choose your delivery date. This will be the day that your package is delivered, usually between 9am and 6pm. You do not have to be there for it to be delivered. Your voucher is valid for a delivery order scheduled anytime between now and January 31, 2011 (Your delivery date must be by 1/31/11).

6. On the next page, choose four main dishes.

7. SKIP the “Extras” page. We’ll automatically make sure that your sides, dessert and scones are included in the package.


8. Complete the “Create an account” fields.

9. Enter your promo code and gift card code at checkout. Your promo code and gift card code are the same: “GNY” followed by your Groupon voucher number, located in the top right corner of your voucher. For example, if your Groupon voucher is ABCDEF-0-1, your code is GNYABCDEF01, and you will enter this code in both the promo code and gift card code fields. This will automatically bring your balance to 0.


10. On the day of your delivery, just put the meals into your freezer, and they will be ready when you are! Our packaging is specially designed to keep your meals frozen at a safe temperature for 48 hours in normal conditions, but it is best to put it in the freezer as soon as possible. You may notice slight thawing or defrosting, particularly around the edges of your meals. This is completely normal and not a cause for concern.

11. Enjoy!

Please note: Groupon vouchers can be redeemed only through the Metro NY/NJ Delivery store. They are not valid for In-Store or Dish-n-Dash sessions. Offer is valid only for first-time customers. Tax not included. Valid in provided location only. Delivery order must be scheduled for delivery by January 31, 2011 to redeem voucher.

Questions? Please contact us at 410-560-5634, or email

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