Fundraising – It’s Easy and Fun With Let’s Dish!

Fundraising with Let’s Dish! 

Raise money for your organization and put delicious, healthy meals on your dinner table at the same time. 

Two Ways to Raise

Let’s Dish! offers two great ways for your non-profit organization to raise money.  Both options allow your organization members to make great-tasting, homemade meals for their families while raising money for the group. If you are interested in hosting a fundraiser with us, simply download this brochure and fill out the application form on the back, then bring it to your nearest Let’s Dish! location or email it to We’ll help you get everything set up so you can start dishing dinners and raising money!  Need help spreading the word?  We can give you a hand there as well!

   Fundraising Private Party 

  • Fill out the fundraising application (page 2) and submit to Let’s Dish!
  • We will coordinate with you to choose a date and time for your fundraising party
  • We will give you a special promotion code for party invitees to use when signing up for your party
  • You and your invitees have the store to yourselves for your  party and everyone dishes!
  • Fundraising party requires a minimum of 10 orders
  • Let’s Dish! donates 10% of each order back to your organization

   Ongoing Fundraiser 

  • Fill out the fundraising application (page 2) and submit to Let’s Dish!
  • We will coordinate and establish a time frame for your fundraiser to be held (minimum of 1 week; maximum of 3 months)
  • A fundraising code and customized electronic flier is created for you to distribute to your organization members
  • Members of your organization must enter the designated promotional code when placing their Let’s Dish! orders on
  • Promotional code may be used an unlimited amount of times during the fundraiser time frame
  • Let’s Dish! donates 10% of all sales associated with the promotional code to your organization

Why Raising Money With Let’s Dish! Makes Lots of Sense

  • 10% of sales from fundraisers go back to your  organization
  • Everyone who participates also benefits from having a freezer full of convenient Let’s Dish! meals
  • Dishing as a group is a fun and unique experience where group members can get to know each other and mingle
  • Let’s Dish! always provides great snacks and desserts for sampling
  • If you’re already a disher, a Let’s Dish! fundraiser is a great way to multi-task—get your month’s dishing done and raise funds for your group at the same time!
  • It’s easy to set up!
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