FAQs for Splitters

Q.  I live just with my husband and “splits” are too big for just the two of us.  I’d like to divide your dishes into thirds, each of which serves 2 people.  Is this permitted?

Let’s Dish! policy is to allow customers to make “full” or “split” menu items with 2-3 and 4-6 servings, respectively.  Generally speaking, we cannot allow customers to further split meals (into three meals for two or six individual meals, for example).  There are two reasons for this policy:

·         Our Food Team carefully tests fulls and splits, and provides accurate and vetted cooking instructions for each.  We haven’t had enough demand for further splitting to justify testing, special labels, instructions, etc. We want everyone to love their meals, and not have to stand in front of the stove guessing.

·         Making “thirds” or “sixths” takes the customer more time and creates additional traffic at the stations; we want to make sure stations (and customers) are moving fast enough to deliver on the Let’s Dish! promise of quick and easy assembly.

 Most of you can “do the math”, and we know you’re “quick enough” to get through the meals quickly.  But you can also imagine being stuck behind a thirds-maker who ties up the station and delays the whole process, or one who gets home and doesn’t realize that a smaller portion does (or does not, in some cases) require a shorter cook time.  Our splitter policy was created with these issues in mind.  If you disagree, please comment below.  We’re open to continued discourse!  Thanks for your time…

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