DishPoints and “HALVES”

We have received several notes from customers who want to use DishPoints to purchase “HALVES” sessions.  Do we allow this?  Yes.  Well, sort of.  You earned the discount (most likely for being a highly-valued customer and/or referring friends) and we are committed to make sure you get to use those points…

… if only our system made it a little easier.

Unfortunately, our website permits only one coupon code per order.  (Why? Check out this post).  Usually that’s OK vis-a-vis HALVES.  It’s a premium product and our standard coupons explicitly don’t apply.  But what about DishPoints?  As mentioned above, you earned ’em, and we want you to use them.  It’s just a question of how…

If you have DishPoints and would like to use them for HALVES, just send us a note at, and include the location where you dish.  We will convert your DPs into a gift code, which can be used in conjunction with HALVES (enter gift code below promo code at checkout on

Yes, it’s a little clumsy.  But I’m afraid that right now it’s the best we can do.  Happy dishing, and happy “HALVESing”.

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PS.  This is a special offer just for customers of HALVES, and Gift Cards are intended for immediate purchase of HALVES sessions only.  Unfortunately, we can only exchange DishPoints for Gift Cards under the specific circumstance of customers who wish to use DPs for HALVES purchases.  Gift Cards created for this purpose will expire two weeks from the date of creation and cannot be extended under any circumstances.  Also… Note that dishers get 500 DishPoints for every 10-meal plateau… but our system doesn’t distinguish between “HALVES” and full meals, so”HALVES-ers” actually accumulate DishPoints twice as fast as everyone else!
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