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With tens of thousands of customers across the region, we’re constantly getting feedback.  Many of you comment on a great dishing experience, and sometimes you point out a thing or two we could do better.  You write about chicken, staff, hours, decor, locations, delivery, aprons, spoodles, lemons, Ready Mades, scones and, yes, freezer bags.

So why do we choose our particular brand and style of freezer bags?  So glad you asked!

As with all our product categories (food and non-food alike), we take great care in selecting the the best product for a given application.  In the case of plastic bags, we went through a few models before settling on this one.  Since early 2007, we’ve been using the a Reynolds brand bag.  It’s a 1.75 mil bag (that’s a standard measure of thickness for bags).  Most bags marketed as “freezer bags” fall between 1.75 mil and 2.7 mil.  We’ve tested all of them and found that using 1.75 mil is the best practice. It certainly has worked very well in the Reynolds bag that we purchase.  Then, we evaluate the seams (the three sides) and the “zip” seal (the top).  On both those counts, we have found the Reynolds product to be a very strong performer.   The performance is further aided by the fact that in many of our meals, we have folks “double bag” anyway.  As with any product, there are occasional variations, of course.  Sometimes we’ll get a batch that has a problem with its seals.  When that happens, which is very infrequently, we identify the problem and fix it asap.

So why don’t we use a 2.7 mil bag (or even a thicker one)?  For a couple reasons.  The first is environmental. We use a fair number of freezer bags (for my thoughts on that, as well as our efforts to limit our carbon footprint, click here).  By using as thin a bag as possible, while still getting the desired performance, we save material.   We save ~35% on plastic consumption with this decision.  Cost is also a factor.  The 2.7 mil bag is 20-30% more expensive than the 1.75 mil.  Given the number of bags we use, we’d spend a lot more each for the slightly thicker material, and ultimately this cost could impact prices.  That said, if the product failed to meet our requirements,  we would revisit the product spec and/or get something that works – which is how we handle every product we use.

In short, we use the Reynolds product because we think it works very well and is the best combination of performance and value for what we do.  And we’re continually reevaluating to be sure we’ve got the best product available for the money — whether it’s a freezer bag, a cut of pork or a new kind of squeeze bottle.  If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

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