Dishers’ Circle – Always the Best Deal “Out There”

These days, everyone wants a bargain. We’re sending out regular emails featuring coupons and discounts, offering in-store specials, and expanding our frequency programs. Some of our regulars have told us, “too much!”– just give me the best deal out there… and make it easy. Well, we listened…

Introducing Dishers’ Circle. It’s a simple, generous discount intended for our very best customers, the “regular” Dishers who deserve that special treatment. Now when you decide to Dish 3, 6 or 12 months in a row, you’ll get the best deal out there – savings of up to $25 OFF every single session. No more searching for codes. Once you sign up for Dishers’ Circle, your low rates are locked in — even if we raise our prices!. So don’t delay, learn more about Dishers’ Circle and Sign Up today.

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