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The Dish on Chia Seeds – Give ’em a try!

Our resident foodie, Elizabeth Blake, forwarded me this article ( because she knew that I am a chia fan.  The team is always making fun of me for it, because chia seeds are a bit off the wall.  In fact, my kids openly mock me with “Daddy eats chia pets!” before dissolving into laughter and running […]

2013 in Review: The Top 10 New Meal Countdown

It’s that time of year when we look back and reflect.  We remember the top movies and songs and events of the year.  Join us here as we count down the top 10 new meals of 2013 –   10.  Farm Stand Frittatas September 2013     9.  Zesty Grilled Chicken June 2013     […]

July’s Dish Tip: The dish on Summer Orzo Salad

Orzo…what is it? Featured in our Santorini Chicken Kabobs and Summer Orzo Salad, orzo is rice-shaped pasta.  Orzo soaks up the lemony vinaigrette that gives this meal bright summery flavor. Cook orzo the same way as you would any other pasta – in plenty of water. Although typically pasta should not be rinsed after cooking, […]

Flank Steak Now Available for Pre-order!

Summer is coming…and at Let’s Dish! that means many of our favorite meals will be on the menu: ~Jerk Chicken with Pineapple Salsa ~Chili-Lime Grilled Chicken with Black Bean Salsa ~Montreal Chicken with Homemade Potato Chips ~Napa Valley Burgers ~Pork Tenderloin with Chili-Apricot Glaze …the list goes on. We can’t wait! As you may have […]

Salmon Update: Good News!

Regular dishers have noticed that our signature salmon has taken an extended summer vacation.  Long story short: the worldwide salmon shortage has made our signature 2-lb fresh Chliean filets nearly impossible to come by at any price.   (Long story long can be found on my blog post here).  The good news is that the […]

Plan a Baby Shower at Let’s Dish! and Mom-to-Be dishes for FREE!

Help Mom-to-Be get ready for her new little bundle of joy with Let’s Dish!  Host her baby shower at your local store and she dishes a FREE 4-meal session! Anyone who’s had a baby (or knows someone who has!), can vouch that not having to worry about dinner for those first few months is priceless. […]

The Fish That Got Away (for now)

You may be wondering why our recent menus have not featured Let’s Dish! signature salmon dishes.  Believe me, we miss it as much as you do.  That said, I wanted to explain why these super-popular dishes have gone missing in recent months. Earlier this spring, our seafood supplier informed us that the area from which […]

How May We Help You?

You may have noticed something new on our website- it’s called “Live Chat” and it’s meant to make your shopping experience easier and more pleasant. Have you even been on and unable to find exactly what you were looking for?  Maybe it’s whether we can deliver as far as NJ (good news, we can) […]

Teacher of the Year Awards – Call for Nominees

We’re looking for 5 outstanding teachers.  Teachers who go above and beyond for our kids.  Teachers who could use some recognitions.  And teachers who would enjoy a FREE session at Let’s Dish! (heck, who wouldn’t?!) Teachers are dedicated every day to shaping the lives and futures of our children. With all that hard work, it’s […]

Happy Blogoversary!

Way back in ’07 when we talked about the idea of launching a blog for our Let’s Dish! stores, it seemed like an intimidating task.  Heck, most of us didn’t even know what a “blog” really was … or did… or something.  But as we investigated our options, we learned that a blog would not […]

A Pink Dish! Success Story, Thanks To You

October is over but the Pink Dish! giving has just begun!  Thanks to the support and participation of all of you – dishers, friends, family, the Let’s Dish! team and the community – the Pink Dish! Campaign achieved its goal once again. We are proud to announce that this year’s contributions enabled us to fund […]

To the Unsung Heroes fighting to eradicate breast cancer!

As I read the stories that have been submitted to the Pink Dish! Campaign, and I look around at the vast amount of publicity breast cancer is receiving this October, I am reminded of where I was last year. A year ago right now I was just finishing up my last AC chemo treatment for […]

Pink Dish!: Help Breast Cancer Survivors, One Dinner At A Time

Go Pink with Let’s Dish! This year, Let’s Dish! is even more committed to the fight against breast cancer. The mission for our Pink Dish! Campaign in the mid-Atlantic is to do what we do best – provide meals to those who need them – by supporting families coping with breast cancer through the donation […]

Proud To Be a Part of Pink Dish!

As we at Let’s Dish! began the planning for the 2008 Pink Dish! Campaign, I found it hard to believe that it had already been a year since our first initiative. Then again, a year can mean so much in the fight against breast cancer – and the same is true for Pink Dish!. Lisa […]

Coming Soon: Let’s Dish! Paris???

Thanks to our new friends at Agence France-Presse for coming to check out Let’s Dish! Alexandria.  Our French isn’t so good, but we’re pretty sure they liked what they saw… (Let’s Dish! of MD and VA was featured in a video segment by the leading French news agency.  Unfortunately, that video is no longer available.  […]

We appreciate your feedback!

As regular dishers know, we send a survey to every customer following their In-Store, Dish-n-Dash or DishDelivery session.  You may not realize that we get over 1000 completed surveys each month… and we read every single one!  Your feedback has been essential in helping us develop some of our new services and programs, including: Freezer Freedom: Our […]

Check out the new!

Our website is brand new! A large, scrolling, clickable window (snapshot below) allows you to see vibrant images of our latest menu and promos. We’ve got video featuring a local family enjoying the benefits of our many services. And we’ve made signing up for a session easier than ever (hint: just click one of the […]

The in”side” Dish on side-dishes

Sides, sides everywhere! The customer feedback has come in loud and clear. Sugar Snap Peas, Sweet Potato Fries, Exotic Grains and Fire Roasted Vegetables. You love our sides, and you want more of them. We hear you.   And we’ve responded by including more sides as part of the regular Let’s Dish! menu.   We’ve added Sugar Snap […]

If You Love a Meal… Dish More of It!

Relax-the-max on most Let’s Dish! meals Due to popular demand (i.e., yours!) we have relaxed our limits on the maximum quantity of any individual meal you can order at a session.  For many meals, we have set the max at 4 (or 8 splits).  A few meals have lower maximums, either because they take longer […]

Now More Ways to Get a FREE Dish!

You know about DishRewards. That’s the program we launched this spring, where you earn DishPoints (good as cash on for doing all the things you love: dishing, recommending Let’s Dish! to friends, hosting parties, dishing some more, etc. DishPoints stack up quickly (we’ve already given away well over a million of them!). Real customers […]

1 Dish? 6 Dishes? 11 Dishes? We’re Flexible.

It started out as “8 or 12” dishes per Let’s Dish! session. Then, with much fanfare, we added 4-meal sessions. And this spring, SingleDish Trials. And now, welcome to the final frontier of session flexibility. Dish however many meals you want: 1, 3, 7, 14 or anything in between. OK, our technology is limited, so […]

You Help Make Our Menus So Wonderful

How do we create such fantastic menus? Well, our talented food team is always cooking up the best recipes months in advance. But did you know our customers play a big role as well? Through the “My Orders” link once you log in to, customers can rate the meals they’ve dished [1 star (not […]

Bring your kids with you to dish this summer!

School’s out, now what? That’s the question on many parents’ lips this time of year. Camp, the pool, vacations, etc., are all fantastic ways to spend your summer. But what about those times when the kids are out of camp and tired of the pool or god forbid it’s raining? Why not bring your child […]

Let’s Dish!: The savings might surprise you.

Gas station. Coffeeshop. Dry cleaners. Just about any place you open your purse or wallet these days, you’re spending more than ever. This is especially true when it comes to shopping for food. According to a report from the Department of Labor (cited in the Boston Globe), a year-on-year increase in food prices like this […]

FREE Delivery for New Moms!

It’s simple: New moms get FREE delivery from Let’s Dish! If you became a mom (or became a mom again) in the last 3 months, congratulations!  Not only do you have a new bundle of joy, you can get FREE delivery on healthy, convenient meals from Let’s Dish!  Just email and and we’ll set […]

Kid-Friendly Let’s Dish! Meals featured on WUSA9

Want to keep your kids happy, healthy and full for less than $4 a serving? WUSA9 in Washington DC shares how you can do just that with a little help from Let’s Dish!. Today, reporter Lesli Foster features our store as the one-stop shop for kid-friendly meals for you and your family. Many thanks to […]

Wow the crowds at home and on vacation!

As we head into summer, Let’s Dish! offers a delicious menu of meals perfect for the pool, beach or backyard BBQ. Each month, you’ll find great family meals that are perfect for taking on vacation or grilling up with friends and family at home. No time to come in and prepare your meals? No worries! […]

SingleDish: One Let’s Dish! Meal, A Life-Changing Experience

We’ve heard from a lot of folks who want to experience Let’s Dish! before stocking the freezer with a whole month’s worth of meals. Personally, my suggested strategy is to get invited for dinner at the home of a disher (talk about saving time and money!). And there’s always the Ready Made case, where you […]

Offer Extended: Earn $5 OFF as a Let’s Dish! Fan on Facebook

So many of you said you didn’t know all the perks of being a Let’s Dish! fan on Facebook until our recent post, “You’ve got a Friend (on Facebook),” that we decided to EXTEND our Facebook Fan offer to all Food for Thought readers.  Become a fan on Let’s Dish! on Facebook through MONDAY, May 19th, and you […]

You’ve got a friend (on Facebook).

Hey Let’s Dish! customers, if you haven’t already become a Let’s Dish! fan on Facebook, here are a few reasons to join our fan base now. This past month we: Gave all fans a preview of the new month’s menu one week before it hit the website and two weeks before in the store Surprised […]

522 Free Meals and Counting! (New Moms, only 2 more days…)

Thanks to all the new moms who’ve visited Let’s Dish! this week! As of 1 PM Friday, at least 522 of you won’t have to worry about cooking dinner this Sunday! And for those who’ve not yet made it in, remember that our Free Meals For New Moms (those with children born in 2008) goes […]

100 Free Meals and Counting…

Jennifer Bernhardt and her 8-week old son, Tyler, came into the Let’s Dish! store in Fairfax, VA, on Tuesday afternoon to pick up their free Japanese Miso-Glazed Salmon. Congratulations, Jennifer! Even if you’re not sleeping through the night, at least you know dinner is taken care of! New moms, come in by Sunday, May 11th, […]

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