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The 7 AM Solution

We all know about the little window of time that we crawl through each evening. It begins at a precise moment shortly after the kids are done with sports or activities, stepping off of the late school bus, or when we finish sending the last email at work to face traffic and make it home. […]

21 days and counting…

I’ve often heard that it takes three weeks for something to become a habit.  Today, its officially been 21 days since we’ve all made those dreaded new years resolutions.  Are you still going strong? Have you cheated? Or, have you thrown in the towel completely? This year, the Let’s Dish! team made a few resolutions […]

Winner of our Resolution Solution Spa Day Sweepstakes!

Congratulations to Marilyn M, from the Let’s Dish! store in Ashburn, VA — winner of our “Resolution Solution Hyatt Spa Day Sweepstakes”! Thanks to our friends at the Cambridge Hyatt Chesapeake Bay, Marilyn and a guest will be making good on their resolution for “self-pamperization,” enjoying a fabulous day of treatments at the best spa […]

Resolution Solution Wrap Up

It’s time for us to move our focus for Food for Thought to heart health for American Heart Month, but we hope our month-long series of Resolution Solutions has been helpful to you. Whether you stay firm to your goals and achieve them or forgive yourself for faltering, the key is that your resolutions should […]

Think “reduce, reuse, and recycle” and be a role model for your kids.

Rachel Rosenthal shared a great idea that really got me thinking. At first glance, it’s a simple system for reducing clutter. But it makes me think of more– things like the value of recycling and even the challenge of teaching our kids discipline and delayed gratification. Before I complicate things and wax a bit philosophical, […]

Step back from “to do” and take pride in your efforts.

As we wind down our month of Resolution Solutions, I think it’s important to recognize that it’s not always about what you need “to do” or “to be”. Sometimes it’s about what you don’t do that can help you achieve your goal. Here’s one idea from Sharon Rainey: I also give myself permission NOT to […]

Sort through clutter with “SOS” in mind.

Staying on the topic of whether or not you should throw things away, do you ever just look around your house and have the epiphany that you just have a LOT of stuff? This always happens when I’m spending a Sunday afternoon cleaning the house, and I realize that I have tons of stuff that […]

What to do with really ripe fruits? Don’t throw them away!

Did you make a resolution to eat better this year? I know I make it every year but here is my own quick tip to help you and a recipe to make it really work! I often will find that we don’t get to our bananas fast enough (actually my kids like them at only […]

Do right by your digital photos: organize, protect, enjoy!

Reading Jeremy’s post earlier reminded me of what I consider “vital records” and are just as important to organize and protect – digital photos of family and friends! We’ve spent most of the month sharing Resolution Solutions on clutter control, time-management and goal-setting tips, but Mel Rosche passes on several very useful tips on how […]

Create two Vital Records binders for all important personal documents.

Here’s a piece of advice you’ll be tempted to ignore… until you really need it. But remember that an ounce of prevention is worth, well, at least 6 pounds of cure in this case. Imagine how thankful you and your loved ones will be if you ever need one of the binders suggested by professional […]

Simple steps to a clean kitchen.

It’s very satisfying to have a clean kitchen at the end of the day. When everyone helps it gets done much faster. Here’s a simple tip to make kitchen clean up a snap: Break down kitchen clean-up by using a garbage bowl for table scraps and paper napkins and stack similar dishes in the sink […]

Put your children’s plates and cups where they can reach them.

If you’ve got kids, you’ve got plates, bowls, cups and silverware for kids. You’ll most often find these items emblazoned with a cartoon character on the top or side, smiling at you as you load Beauty and the Beast into the dishwasher.  (And, why is that they seem to endure forever when my Villeroy & Boch […]

Use an envelope to give loose contact information the slip!

Take a look at this very handy tip from professional organizer Monica Conners.  This is a great suggestion for organizing new contact information (and keeping your desk post-it note free). Everyone has little slips of paper with phone number and addresses on them, and they sometimes get lost. You can tape an envelope in the […]

Make a mental map to organize your grocery list.

Janet and I must think alike – I’ve actually been using this tip for years: When going to the grocery store you should always make your list following the layout of the store. As an example, if you enter your favorite store in the produce department, your list should begin with produce items. This will save you time searching […]

More on managing paperwork!

We got another tip on how to minimize the magically-reproducing paperwork in your house.  Sharon’s advice certainly relates to processing mail and more, so I thought we’d add it to today’s Resolution Solutions:  I try to pick up a piece of paper only once.  So once I pick it up, I try to do something:  write the check, […]

Manage your mail: organize and opt out!

Ugh! Mail. When I was a kid, I used to look forward to it – a postcard from my grandmother or letter from my summer camp buddy. Seems these days we never get anything good in the mail (OK, with the exception of an occasional Let’s Dish! coupon). And the pure quantity of mail creates […]

Enjoy more time with family and friends (and this recipe for an easy treat)!

I love Let’s Dish!, we have used you in the past when going on vacation with friends so instead of having to plan for meals we pre-pack them and enjoy time together instead of time in the kitchen. – Kristin Long of Organizational Specialists Inc., As we head into MLK weekend, you may have a […]

Set up a portable homework center at the heart of your house.

To help kids do their homework (and not be on a scavenger hunt for supplies), set up a portable homework center. You could use a tackle box or portable file box. Be sure to include all those necessary tools for homework such as glue, scissors, markers, tape, calculator, extra paper, pencils and the like. With […]

The art of storing all that precious art.

OK, I’m practically bursting at the seams to post this Resolution Solution!  First, a Food for Thought confession: Daryl Williams, the organizer sharing her tip today, has spent a little time in my house and in Lisa’s (she’s going to kill me!).  But we can both proudly say we have some fantastic results to show for […]

Avoid the April 15th Headache! Start in January.

Yikes. Tax time is upon us again. I know because in the last week, I’ve received all manner of tax statements, requests for tax statements, and warnings about requests for tax statements. Not to mention, estimates of taxes owed. Ouch, not fun!  For most of my life, this time of year was easy because I’m […]

Plan for tomorrow … tonight.

Anyone who’s seen me around the home or office knows I’m a planner… and I’m rarely seen without my to do list. In fact, many people enjoy making fun of it… what with all those checkboxes and lines. But it doesn’t matter to me. My to do list helps me distinguish between the “important” and […]

Take small steps towards giant goals (even giant closets).

It’s the weekend, so we thought you might like a few extra tips and hopefully a lot of extra motivation! ***** If you’re like me, you’ve made plenty of resolutions this year – so many so that it’s turned into an overwhelming to-do list! And so many of my resolutions seem great in theory, but […]

Save the memory not the clutter.

Usually memories are better than the reality. Actually, good memories and stories seem to get even better as time passes. Nothing about piles of stuff cluttering up your space gets better. Creating an album/journal where you can write stories, paste photos, articles and small souvenirs is a great way to memorialize many of life’s precious […]

Be smart with storage (especially for Let’s Dish! leftovers)

When in our Let’s Dish! stores, I often hear customers struggle whether to prepare full or split dishes – 6 servings is a little more than you need but a half portion may leave you hungry. I personally always opt for a full portion (even when our youngest was not yet eating solids) because I […]

Make a meal plan and avoid the 5 PM scramble.

Ah, “The 5PM Scramble”. You know the drill. Busy day. Kids getting hungry. Haven’t thought at all about dinner. What’s in the fridge? Do we have any leftovers? Is there time to stop by the grocery store? Honey, can you pick something up on the way home? Any pizza coupons around here?! Plan your meals […]

Be slow and deliberate when tackling any task.

One of the biggest mistakes is to try to take on the entire task at once. After an initial burst of energy, many people poop out, and never finish the project. Instead, do it in steps. Organize one room at a time, one section at a time. Spread it out over manageable steps, but keep […]

Focus on your favorite recipes. (And here’s a new one from Let’s Dish!.)

Do you find yourself looking through note cards, torn-out newspaper or magazine recipes to find your favorite one to make? Here is a tip about organizing in the kitchen. Most people have a container to hold their recipes whether it be a file card holder or accordion file as I have. But the problem comes […]

A place for everything and everything a place.

Since you may have a little momentum after Alexa’s post on celebrating progress, we thought you might like a little bonus today: OK, if you’ve been to my house (and y’all are welcome… we’re having Firecracker Chicken this Thursday), you know I’m not doing great on the resolution below. But I am inspired by it. […]

Celebrate your efforts!

Well, it’s been a week since you made your New Year’s Resolutions – and 7 days of Food for Thought postings with tips from organizers and life coaches to keeping your resolutions. I thought instead of asking how you’re doing (no one likes a report card) or hinting at the failure statistics, I’d share Rachel […]

What’s going to work? Teamwork!

Enlist the support of a trusted friend to help you attack an organizing task. You can visit with each other as you work, which will make the task more enjoyable. – Susan M. Thompson, Professionally Organized Places, LLC, For me, everything is easier with a buddy. Having someone else to answer to seems to […]

Do things right away.

It’s the new year – we’re safely distanced from all those holidays and have a little more time on our hands. But will you fall into your old habits? (My hand is raised as a classic procrastinator over here.) Here’s a tip to help us all start the year off right: Do things right away. […]

Lather, Write, Rinse, Repeat…

I absolutely LOVE Jeff Ward’s Resolution Solution because it combines two of my favorite problem-solving activities: writing on whiteboards and thinking in the shower. I am am unrepentant whiteboard addict ever since my days as a consultant at Boston Consulting Group earlier in my career (where Jeremy Kugel and I met, by the way). We […]

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