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Pink Dish! ’09 To Support All Nominated Families!

Each year we challenge our customers and staffs to contribute generously to support local families touched by breast cancer.  And every year, you come through. 2009 was no exception.  Despite our nation’s “Great Recession”, we once again raised thousands of dollars for local families.  These moneys were generated from promotional events like “Pink Dish! Day,” […]

Farewell Susan

We recently learned of the passing of our 2008 Pink Dish for a Year recipient Susan Marrinan. Of course, we are very saddened by this news. I had the privilege of meeting Susan on two occasions. The first was the day that I shared with her and her fellow teachers and the Little River Elementary […]

The Bearer of Good News

Last week, I was invited to an elementary school in South Riding, VA. The principal called an “emergency” faculty meeting after school.  But this wasn’t an emergency in the traditional sense; she just wanted to be sure everyone was there… and on time… so that I could deliver some exciting news. You see, at this school there’s a […]

A Pink Dish! Success Story, Thanks To You

October is over but the Pink Dish! giving has just begun!  Thanks to the support and participation of all of you – dishers, friends, family, the Let’s Dish! team and the community – the Pink Dish! Campaign achieved its goal once again. We are proud to announce that this year’s contributions enabled us to fund […]

WMAR Tells the Pink Dish! Story

This recent piece on WMAR, ABC-2, does a wonderful job of capturing what Pink Dish! is all about… from Lisa and Alexa’s vision and purpose, to how free Let’s Dish! meals have benefited families in need. Take a look! Pink Dish! has gotten plenty of publicity this fall. Thanks to all the media outlets who […]

Elizabeth Dishes Pink on WUSA-9!

Elizabeth Marcotte did a wonderful job talking about how Pink Dish! is supporting local families — all the while cooking up a little Antioxidant-Rich Greek Isle Chicken. Watch the video to learn more about Pink Dish!, our special entree this month, and how you can get involved in this year’s campaign …

Catch Elizabeth on Channel 9!

Get your DVR ready! Elizabeth will be on WUSA, DC’s channel 9, Tuesday Oct 21 between 9-10am. She’ll be dishing up Antioxidant-Rich Greek Isle Chicken and talking about all the free meals we’re providing to local families through this year’s Pink Dish! Campagin. Don’t miss it!

To the Unsung Heroes fighting to eradicate breast cancer!

As I read the stories that have been submitted to the Pink Dish! Campaign, and I look around at the vast amount of publicity breast cancer is receiving this October, I am reminded of where I was last year. A year ago right now I was just finishing up my last AC chemo treatment for […]

Lisa Dishes Pink on FOX 45

Lisa Hardiman cooks up our “Pink Dish 2008,” Antioxidant-Rich Greek Isle Chicken on FOX 45 Morning News. Delicious, easy-to-make, healthy, and with $5 from each Ready Made purchase supporting local families coping with breast cancer — it’s no wonder Lisa and Alexa have host wowed Fox host, Steve Fertig! Pretty sure he’ll be firing up […]

Proud To Be a Part of Pink Dish!

As we at Let’s Dish! began the planning for the 2008 Pink Dish! Campaign, I found it hard to believe that it had already been a year since our first initiative. Then again, a year can mean so much in the fight against breast cancer – and the same is true for Pink Dish!. Lisa […]

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