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Plan a Baby Shower at Let’s Dish! and Mom-to-Be dishes for FREE!

Help Mom-to-Be get ready for her new little bundle of joy with Let’s Dish!  Host her baby shower at your local store and she dishes a FREE 4-meal session! Anyone who’s had a baby (or knows someone who has!), can vouch that not having to worry about dinner for those first few months is priceless. […]

FREE Meals for New Moms!

Moms are the busiest people in the world.  And new moms?  There just aren’t enough hours in the day! It’s practically a miracle when a new mom has time to shower, let alone put a real dinner on her family’s table.  That’s why Let’s Dish! is making sure new moms get at least one convenient, […]

Let’s Dish!: Sensible Solutions For Tight Budgets

It’s hard to turn on the TV or open a newspaper without a reminder of the economic challenges our nation is facing. As the turmoil on Wall Street hits home on Main Street, more families are turning to Let’s Dish! for a solution. Here’s why: Let’s Dish! costs less than dining out. What was the […]

The in”side” Dish on side-dishes

Sides, sides everywhere! The customer feedback has come in loud and clear. Sugar Snap Peas, Sweet Potato Fries, Exotic Grains and Fire Roasted Vegetables. You love our sides, and you want more of them. We hear you.   And we’ve responded by including more sides as part of the regular Let’s Dish! menu.   We’ve added Sugar Snap […]

Walk-in Wednesdays now available!

We have gotten thousands of customer suggestions and requests over the last few years, and none as often as the request to be able to walk in and dish at Let’s Dish! store without an appointment. We’ve heard your feedback and are excited to launch Walk-In Wednesdays! Now on Wednesdays, you can walk into any […]

1 Dish? 6 Dishes? 11 Dishes? We’re Flexible.

It started out as “8 or 12” dishes per Let’s Dish! session. Then, with much fanfare, we added 4-meal sessions. And this spring, SingleDish Trials. And now, welcome to the final frontier of session flexibility. Dish however many meals you want: 1, 3, 7, 14 or anything in between. OK, our technology is limited, so […]

Let’s Dish!: The savings might surprise you.

Gas station. Coffeeshop. Dry cleaners. Just about any place you open your purse or wallet these days, you’re spending more than ever. This is especially true when it comes to shopping for food. According to a report from the Department of Labor (cited in the Boston Globe), a year-on-year increase in food prices like this […]

FREE Delivery for New Moms!

It’s simple: New moms get FREE delivery from Let’s Dish! If you became a mom (or became a mom again) in the last 3 months, congratulations!  Not only do you have a new bundle of joy, you can get FREE delivery on healthy, convenient meals from Let’s Dish!  Just email and and we’ll set […]

Supporting Our Community: One Dish at a Time

Community involvement has always been a key focus of the Let’s Dish! organization in the mid-Atlantic. Throughout the years, we’ve been involved with several charities, non-profit organizations and community groups, and we’ve helped them to raise awareness about their cause, raise funds for their purposes and bring community members together. Though the full list would […]

“There’s a new chef in your kitchen” (The Examiner)

Valerie Harding, our new chef and Director of Food Services, was profiled today in The Examiner (Baltimore, MD; March 31, 2008). We thought all you “dishers” out there would enjoy reading the article, since Valerie and our food team are the part-time chefs in your kitchen as well! MORE “THE DISH ON…” POSTS: > Meet […]

Become a Let’s Dish! “fan” on Facebook!

Show the world you’re a fan of Let’s Dish! and enjoy exclusive offers through Facebook, the Internet’s most popular social networking site. Let’s Dish! has recently set up a fan page on Facebook and we want to see you there. Become a “fan” (it’s easy and free), and we’ll keep you up to date on […]

The Dish On… Wine Selection

Culinary adventures aren’t limited to just the food on the table. We asked our wine partner, Neil Smith of WineSmith (Ashburn, VA), to help guide us in wine selection. And, don’t forget that with the help of wine experts like Neil, Let’s Dish! makes it even easier to select a wine for dinner by pairing […]

Family Book Club: A Literary & Culinary Adventure

Ever thought of creating a Family Book Club? It’s a great activity for the whole family – and you would be amazed at how you can bring food into it! As I embarked on this culinary adventure with Let’s Dish!, I had no idea where it would take me. I have spent many hours thinking […]

Plan a weekly “geography” dinner!

Are your seatbelts still fastened? Are you still with us? Have you learned anything new so far on your culinary adventures with Let’s Dish!? Speaking of learning something new, here is a great way to get the whole family on board and involved on this little adventure we are taking… Pick one night each week […]

Meet Valerie Harding, Our New Chef

We are thrilled to introduce Valerie Harding, our new Director of Food Services for Let’s Dish! Mid-Atlantic. Valerie joined the food team in February. She is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and has had extensive culinary and food marketing experience having worked for several of the large hotels in and around the […]

Tackling the Grocery Store

When you’re not eating meals from Let’s Dish!, choosing healthy foods from the grocery store is important for maintaining good heart health. Here are some helpful hints for tackling your grocery shopping… Make a list! Before you head to the store, take time to make a list. It will save you time and money. List […]

Simple Ways to Cut Calories!

Eating healthy and managing your weight are key components of the recommendations for living a heart-healthy lifestyle from the American Heart Association.  Preparing meals at Let’s Dish! each month is a great way to stock up on healthy and portion-controlled, main-course meals, but what about the rest of the time?   Being conscious of what and how much you eat is key – and sometimes you’ll need to […]

The Dish On… Our Blog and RSS

Whether you are a brand new visitor to the Let’s Dish! blog, Food for Thought, or an everyday reader, we thought you might like a little overview on how this whole blog world works.  We know we needed it!  So, read today’s “Dish On” our blog and RSS, and please add any questions you have to the comments.  (I […]

Let’s stop calling our kids “picky” eaters.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor of being a guest in Mrs. Carlivati’s 5th and 6th grade science classes at Nysmith School in Virginia. Mrs. Carlivati, an amazing teacher, does a unit on nutrition with her classes. In celebration of AHA’s Go Red for Women campaign, I was invited to lead a […]

Tips for eating out and staying healthy.

If you don’t “dish” often enough to enjoy a Let’s Dish! meal every night of the month (wink, wink!), you may find yourself occasionally heading out to a restaurant, especially during the weekend. We asked Catherine Joiner, registered dietician and our nutrition resource from the American Heart Association, to provide readers with some tips for […]

We Recommend: Let’s Dish! on WBAL Sunday Brunch

Lisa and I put on our Let’s Dish! aprons this past weekend to prepare a heart healthy dish from February’s menu for the Sunday Brunch segment on WBAL-TV (Baltimore, MD).  During our three minutes, we tried to share as many tips as we could on how to identify heart healthy ingredients and integrate these nutritious foods into your diet. Here’s the video […]

Dish from the Heart: Four generations, One story of heart disease

Today’s post is actually written by my father, Rick Corcoran, Sr. When I sign my name, I use “Jr.” to distinguish myself from my dad, but I am actually “Richard J. Corcoran IV”, the fourth generation with the name. It’s an honor to be part of this lineage, but there is one downside: in addition […]

Dish from the Heart: Sticking around to see her grandchildren grow up.

Today we share the first in a series called “Dish from the Heart” – personal stories about the impact heart disease can have on an individual and their family.  We hope these first-hand experiences will inspire you to join Let’s Dish! and the American Heart Association in the fight against heart disease and to live each day with your heart health in mind.  […]

Think “reduce, reuse, and recycle” and be a role model for your kids.

Rachel Rosenthal shared a great idea that really got me thinking. At first glance, it’s a simple system for reducing clutter. But it makes me think of more– things like the value of recycling and even the challenge of teaching our kids discipline and delayed gratification. Before I complicate things and wax a bit philosophical, […]

Enjoy more time with family and friends (and this recipe for an easy treat)!

I love Let’s Dish!, we have used you in the past when going on vacation with friends so instead of having to plan for meals we pre-pack them and enjoy time together instead of time in the kitchen. – Kristin Long of Organizational Specialists Inc., As we head into MLK weekend, you may have a […]

We Recommend: How Parenting Style Affects Weight in Children

Every parent thinks about it (or tries not to):  Will what I say and do as a parent help my children become healthy and happy adults?   We caught this Today Show “Parenting & Family” segment (January 16, 2008) on how parenting style may affect weight in children and think it is worth sharing:  Parents: Are you making your kids […]

The art of storing all that precious art.

OK, I’m practically bursting at the seams to post this Resolution Solution!  First, a Food for Thought confession: Daryl Williams, the organizer sharing her tip today, has spent a little time in my house and in Lisa’s (she’s going to kill me!).  But we can both proudly say we have some fantastic results to show for […]

Take small steps towards giant goals (even giant closets).

It’s the weekend, so we thought you might like a few extra tips and hopefully a lot of extra motivation! ***** If you’re like me, you’ve made plenty of resolutions this year – so many so that it’s turned into an overwhelming to-do list! And so many of my resolutions seem great in theory, but […]

Make a meal plan and avoid the 5 PM scramble.

Ah, “The 5PM Scramble”. You know the drill. Busy day. Kids getting hungry. Haven’t thought at all about dinner. What’s in the fridge? Do we have any leftovers? Is there time to stop by the grocery store? Honey, can you pick something up on the way home? Any pizza coupons around here?! Plan your meals […]

Be slow and deliberate when tackling any task.

One of the biggest mistakes is to try to take on the entire task at once. After an initial burst of energy, many people poop out, and never finish the project. Instead, do it in steps. Organize one room at a time, one section at a time. Spread it out over manageable steps, but keep […]

Introducing Family Matters: The Importance of Family Dinner

We thought we’d switch topics quickly for a moment and introduce our new “Family Matters” category for an important reason.  A story came out yesterday on ABC 7 (WJLA) that focuses family dinners and their importance to healthy eating, particularly among teenage girls.  The TV news segment discusses a new study that finds teenage girls are less […]

To Be & not To Do

The world is always requiring us to do so much. File that report. Pick up the dry cleaning. Wash the dog. At New Year’s, we often pile on a few more “to dos” as part of our resolutions. Lose weight. Forego the snooze button. Clean the gutters. Sure, there’s always more you can do. Once […]

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