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Cheers to a Happy Heart

February is American Heart Month – a time to raise awareness about heart disease and living a healthy lifestyle.  As a company that feeds families each and every day, it’s an important time for us to spread the word about the value of good nutrition in preventing heart disease.  Our commitment to heart health can be […]

Does Eating Organic = Eating Smart?

We’ve all heard about the benefits of eating organic, but it seems like the cost just keeps going up.  By now, organic foods are anywhere from 40% to 150% the cost of conventional (non-organic) foods.  Is it really worth all that money? By definition, organic foods exclude the use of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and […]

Spend Less @ the Grocery Store

Everyone is looking for ways to save money these days.  Of course, Let’s Dish! can help with healthy meals at very reasonable prices.  But even if you’re a regular disher, you probably find yourself shopping for some meals at the grocery store.  You’re already saving at Let’s Dish!… you can also save at the grocery […]

Bigger Isn’t Better – Portion Control 101

Even if we’re eating the right foods, we can still eat too much.  Lack of portion control is a BIG reason our nation is getting chubbier.  Portion sizes are much smaller than you might think.  Here are some common portions: 1 slice of bread ½ cup cooked pasta or rice 1 small piece of fruit […]

10 Minutes To A Heart Healthier You!

Hi!  I’m Catherine Joiner, a nutritionist from the American Heart Association, and I’m thrilled to be working with Let’s Dish! again.  Throughout the month, I’ll be contributing the Food for Thought blog with some useful and important tips to help you leave a heart healthier lifestyle.  Feel free to comment on my posts or email […]

To Your Health!

People are often surprised to learn that the Let’s Dish! meals they know and love are actually good for them.  As I develop the monthly menus, I am fully aware that these are the meals you will be feeding your family.  I want them to taste good (hey, we all know some picky eaters), but […]

Whole Grain Goodness

People are loving the whole grain options we now offer at Let’s Dish! locations in Maryland and Northern Virginia.   Whole grain pasta, pitas and brown rice?  Say the word and we’re happy to make the substitution — at no extra charge! Hey, and here’s something you may not know: The brown rice we now use in […]

Make every day a heart-healthy day.

As American Heart Month draws to a close, we want to encourage everyone to remember that focusing on your heart health should be a year-round, every day effort. We hope you found the articles posted this month on Food for Thought helpful towards your own personal heart health. It’s been educational and inspirational for us […]

“Good” Fat, “Bad” Fat: What’s the Difference?

The idea of “good” and “bad” fats in food is quite confusing.  At Let’s Dish!, our commitment to our customers is that our monthly menu of dinners will always be trans fat free and contain at least four heart-healthy meals. (During American Heart Month, we had thirteen!)  We can offer such heathful choices because of work by our menu development team as well the fact you prepare […]

Tackling the Grocery Store

When you’re not eating meals from Let’s Dish!, choosing healthy foods from the grocery store is important for maintaining good heart health. Here are some helpful hints for tackling your grocery shopping… Make a list! Before you head to the store, take time to make a list. It will save you time and money. List […]

We Recommend: Best and Worst Choices at Restaurant Chains

While studies have shown that a healthier choice is to eat wholesome, home-cooked meals, preferably ones prepared at Let’s Dish!, the reality is that every once in a while, you go out to eat. And, sometimes it’s even fun to go out with your family. But that plaguing guilt, confusion and paralysis that takes over when you […]

Superfoods: what are they?

We have all heard of superfoods. Everyone is talking about them. If they paid me a dollar for every time I saw them on a talk show, I’d be rich! So what are they? Superfoods range from various types of fruits and vegetables to spices to nuts to herbal supplements. They are believed to have […]

Fruit juice vs. whole fruit: which should I choose?

When Alexa and I went on WBAL for Sunday Brunch, one of the topics we discussed was fruit vs. fruit juice.  In today’s post, Lisa follows up on the issue with some quick guidance on the difference in healthfulness between fruit and fruit juice: Lisa, does fruit juice count as one of your dialy servings of fruit? […]

Do you know the warning signs of a heart attack?

If you don’t – or aren’t sure – you are not alone.  Just 1 in 4 Americans know the early physical warnings of a heart attack – and what to do next, according to a new goverment report.  For your own benefit and to change this “alarmingly low” statistic as described by the CDC, let’s all take a […]

More on Sodium: Dora and Batman get a little healthier!

Here’s a postscript to last week’s post on sodium and heart health.  On Monday, ABC Health News reported that those cute cans of Campbell’s soup – you know, the ones with the kids’ characters on the can – are getting a little healthier:  “Campbell’s Lowering Sodium in Kids Soups” (by Geoff Mulvihill, Feb 18, 2008). Now these 12 Campbell’s soups will […]

Simple Ways to Cut Calories!

Eating healthy and managing your weight are key components of the recommendations for living a heart-healthy lifestyle from the American Heart Association.  Preparing meals at Let’s Dish! each month is a great way to stock up on healthy and portion-controlled, main-course meals, but what about the rest of the time?   Being conscious of what and how much you eat is key – and sometimes you’ll need to […]

Dish from the Heart: I went over the risk factors in my head.

Sheila Ferrell is a social worker on the open heart surgery unit at Union Memorial Hospital.  Last year, her husband went through open heart surgery and was treated on her very floor at Union Memorial.  We thank Sheila for sharing her first-hand and very personal perspective on heart disease with Let’s Dish!.  My husband, Jim, and I went […]

Pop Quiz: Test your knowledge of nutrients!

Here’s a little pop quiz that will help you make the grade when it comes to good nutrition!  We’ve tried to be sneaky, so you’ll first see the three questions.  Then, you can scr…o…ll… down for the answers!      POP QUIZ: 1)  Which of the following foods contains the most fiber? A) ½ cup baked beans […]

Let’s stop calling our kids “picky” eaters.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor of being a guest in Mrs. Carlivati’s 5th and 6th grade science classes at Nysmith School in Virginia. Mrs. Carlivati, an amazing teacher, does a unit on nutrition with her classes. In celebration of AHA’s Go Red for Women campaign, I was invited to lead a […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

With all the talk about heart health, today is a reminder that the heart doesn’t just pump the blood… it’s also a symbol of our emotion. So, on this day of heartfelt expression (and chocolate indulgence), we’d like to thank you – our customers – for making the Let’s Dish! dream a reality. We have […]

A word on sodium (and a fun, low-sodium recipe!)

Most of us think that fat is the enemy of heart health, but did you know that sodium – yes, salt – can be seriously harmful to your health? A recent USA Today article by Heather Terwilliger, “Salt intake brings new levels of alarm” (Feb 10, 2008), emphasizes just how dangerous salt can be. At […]

Tips for eating out and staying healthy.

If you don’t “dish” often enough to enjoy a Let’s Dish! meal every night of the month (wink, wink!), you may find yourself occasionally heading out to a restaurant, especially during the weekend. We asked Catherine Joiner, registered dietician and our nutrition resource from the American Heart Association, to provide readers with some tips for […]

Dish from the Heart: Four generations, One story of heart disease

Today’s post is actually written by my father, Rick Corcoran, Sr. When I sign my name, I use “Jr.” to distinguish myself from my dad, but I am actually “Richard J. Corcoran IV”, the fourth generation with the name. It’s an honor to be part of this lineage, but there is one downside: in addition […]

What does Heart Healthy really mean?

Living a heart healthy lifestyle involves several factors, including diet, exercise, weight management, smoking cessation, and being knowledgeable of your risk factors…just to name a few. Let’s briefly look at some of these factors: Balancing calories taken in with calories burned is a sure recipe for weight management. A healthy diet is based on fruits, […]

February 1st is National Wear Red Day – Stop by Let’s Dish! for a Heart Healthy Dish and Go Red TODAY!

Show your support for the fight against heart disease and the American Heart Association by wearing RED today! You’ll join millions of other men, women and children (even cities!) who will support the cause by wearing red on National Wear Red Day.  And, if you only have a few spare minutes on February 1st, here are two quick ways to encourage […]

Introducing Catherine Joiner, Nutritionist for AHA

We asked Catherine Joiner, a nutritionist and volunteer for the American Heart Association, to share a little about her background and career as a registered dietician. Catherine will be helping to answer our questions about healthy living, offering practical advice on how to improve your heart health. If you’d like to ask Catherine a question, please email us or add […]

Dish from the Heart: Sticking around to see her grandchildren grow up.

Today we share the first in a series called “Dish from the Heart” – personal stories about the impact heart disease can have on an individual and their family.  We hope these first-hand experiences will inspire you to join Let’s Dish! and the American Heart Association in the fight against heart disease and to live each day with your heart health in mind.  […]

Are you living a heart-healthy lifestyle? Three links to know for sure.

It would be hard to miss all the heart icons in our stores and on the Let’s Dish! website as we “Go Red” in February.  As Jeremy wrote yesterday, we’ve pledged to learn more about healthy living and do all we can to prevent heart disease. And, we can do a lot – nutritious meals and heart-health awareness to thousands of families to start. We partnered with […]

Here’s to your heart: A preview of heart health month at Let’s Dish!

February is American Heart Month. It’s an important time at Let’s Dish!, and of course, an important time at Food For Thought, the Let’s Dish! blog. Heart disease is this country’s #1 killer, claiming over 900,000 American lives annually. Fortunately, and thanks in a large part to the great work of the American Heart Association […]

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