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The 7 AM Solution

We all know about the little window of time that we crawl through each evening. It begins at a precise moment shortly after the kids are done with sports or activities, stepping off of the late school bus, or when we finish sending the last email at work to face traffic and make it home. […]

Hotspots from Let’s Dish!: We’re coming to your neighborhood!

We frequently hear from our customers that they would love to see Let’s Dish! locations closer to home. While we currently do not have plans to open any new locations, we’re incredibly excited to offer six Hotspots (drop-off locations) in Northern Virginia beginning September 2013. Order up to 12 meals plus ready mades each month and […]

Meet February’s Featured Disher

I recently reached out to our Dishers via Facebook in search of a ‘Featured Disher’ for our February e-newsletter. This response, from Anne Smith, who dishes at our Timonium, MD location, caught my eye. In light of Valentine’s day coming up, I loved hearing that Anne and her husband often dish together to get in […]

It’s baaack….our annual Halloween-themed parent-kid session!

A Little Help with Navigating Spring Sports Season

I recently took on a new hobby: running. I trained with a local group and partnered up with a mother of two. By late February my usually prompt cohort was seen pulling into training sessions last minute. She was a teacher that commuted across town, her husband commuted from their home in Northeast Baltimore County […]

This I Believe – The Importance of the Family Dinner

These days, a common theme in Middle School curriculum is the power of conviction. Students are taught to advocate for themselves and to use their voices and written words to articulate their values, beliefs and dreams. Recently we learned about an eighth grade assignment at The Potomac School in McLean Virginia where each student was […]

President’s Day Parent/Kid Session

School’s out this President’s Day (Monday, February 20th) and Let’s Dish! is open for a special Parent/Kid session. Just like our Second Sunday Parent/Kid Sessions, we are inviting you to bring your young one along to help you dish out your favorite meals. Plus, at this special session we’ll be sending you home with a […]

Halloween Parent/Kid Session – October 30th!

Space is limited.  Sign up now!

Let’s Dish! + Wild Kratts = FUN!

Things are about to get noisy (and delicious!) at the Maryland Zoo!  Chris and Martin Kratt, the starts of the PBS series “Wild Kratts” are coming to the Zoo in Baltimore for two live shows on Sunday, June 26… and Let’s Dish! is sponsoring the event!  The best part?  We have 50 pairs of tickets […]

An Ode to Let’s Dish!

Last week, we posted this to facebook: “Wanna be our featured disher for May? Post why you love Let’s Dish! and you could be picked for all the fame, glory… and a $25 gift card!” Our dishers are the best so we got a ton of fantastic responses.  One in particular stood out, however, and […]

Celebrating five years of dishing in Virginia

It seems like just yesterday that we were one day from opening and I was standing at the door of Dominion Virginia Power’s main office begging them to turn power on to the shopping center. It was August 2005, and we were the first tenant to open in the Cameron Chase Shopping Center in Ashburn. […]

Join the Dinner Revolution and pinch a few pennies

If you’ve dished with us this summer, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard about the Let’s Dish! Dinner Revolution, our initiative to change the way 2010 families eat dinner! For the past 5+ years, we’ve helped over 100,000 Mid-Atlantic families realize that it can be easy and affordable to put a healthy dinner on the […]

Our Parent/Kid Sessions – Now (officially) Mom Approved!

We’re always mentioning that Let’s Dish! is a great solution for families, and we’re delighted that A Parent in Silver Spring (a funny, parenting blog written by Silver Spring mom and freelance writer, Jessica McFadden) agrees! On her latest blog post, Jessica writes, “After all that Thanksgiving cooking you’re doing today and tomorrow…wouldn’t is be […]

Raise Big Funds w/Let’s Dish! – I’ll Show You How

Let’s Dish! takes the hassle out of dinner.  Now we take the hassle out of fundraising as well. Over the past 5 years, Let’s Dish! has raised thousands of dollars for local schools, causes, initiatives and organizations just like yours.  We’ve got toolkits and experience that will make planning and publicizing your event a snap, […]

Happy Fathers Day!

We got lots of great responses to our Fathers Day essay contest, and today seemed like, well, the perfect day to share them with you all.   One qualifying entry was selected at random, and the writer received a gift code she could use for a free four-dish session at Let’s Dish! To everyone who […]

Make Your Favorite Dad *This* Happy

See this happy-looking guy?  You can hardly tell that he reared two girls (his “two lovely daughters,” he calls us) and has been the target of many, “but, Dad…(insert angst-ridden sigh)” comments since the mid-1980’s, many of which I now wish I could take back. Yup that’s my dad, and he’s enjoying Fusion Pork Tenderloin […]

Dishing with My Kids

Many of you are already doing it– we’re seeing marked increases in the interest in and attendance at our Kids’ Sessions. We’re also noticing more parents bringing their kids to regular sessions. (A quick reminder of the “rules” for “Little Dishers”– As a general rule, kids need to be at least 8 years old to […]

Take It On Vacation

Some of you veterans have heard us say this before, but I think it’s so important that I’m going to say it once more, with feeling:  “Take Let’s Dish! meals to the beach with you this summer!”  Please, just trust me.  You won’t regret it.  It will save you money, eliminate stress, and make your […]

Happy Day, Moms!

Mothers are part of our every day at Let’s Dish!.  Despite the growing ranks of dad- and “nonparent”- dishers, moms remain the core of our business.  After all, who better to ensure the family comes together around a fresh wholesome dinner each evening? Today we thank our moms for all the times they put our […]

FREE Meals for New Moms!

Moms are the busiest people in the world.  And new moms?  There just aren’t enough hours in the day! It’s practically a miracle when a new mom has time to shower, let alone put a real dinner on her family’s table.  That’s why Let’s Dish! is making sure new moms get at least one convenient, […]


We thought this comment — simply cut and pasted from our customer survey — was, well, priceless! “I brought my 14 year old daughter this dish session. Her initial response to my invitation to join me was met with teenage rebellion. I don’t want to give up my Saturday morning, I want to sleep in, […]

We (heart) teachers

Teachers do so much for our children and our communities.  We love our educators and support our local schools in several different ways, all year round.  If you’re a teacher, PTA member, or you just want to learn about ways to help out your local school, take a look below! Special discounts for educators Email […]

Vote for Teacher of the Year!

If you were lucky, over the course of your many years as a student, you crossed paths with some great teachers. Great teachers are the ones whose names and classrooms you remember vividly all these years later. In the early years they likely greeted you with a bright classroom and a warm and friendly smile. […]

Small Business Is Sexy?

My partners and I started this company back in the fall of 2004 and we’ve come a long way.  From a single store in Timonium, MD, we now have 5 stores humming along in MD and VA.  From a small gaggle of owners and a few early die-hards, we now employ over 300 folks on […]

Our Kids Are Watching

Joseph Joubert wrote “Children need models rather than critics.” It’s long been one of my favorite quotes. I like it because it’s undoubtedly true. And also because it can be so hard to live up to, so I need the reminder. I bet many of you, like me, find yourselves almost mindlessly chiding, criticizing, correcting […]

George Foreman to the Rescue!

I use my outdoor grill year round. I use it because I like the grilled flavor it adds to the food and, maybe more importantly, I use it because I embrace the concept of minimal mess. Why use a pot on the stovetop or a pan in the oven when I don’t have to? Many […]

“A Little Piece of Heaven”

OK – so I have a friend (working mom with 2 kids – she and her husband travel a ton for work) who I have been trying to get to Let’s Dish! for 4 years.  For her 40th, a friend and I gave her a Let’s Dish! Gift Card.  Screaming and kicking and complaining, she […]

Respect Your Elders (And help them eat well)!

Most of us owe a whole lot to our parents and grandparents.  They raised us and provided for us and so sometimes it’s nice to give back.  We’ve realized that Let’s Dish! can help with that. Since we opened in 2004, we’ve had a loyal following of seniors who truly adore our product.  They typically […]

To Your Health!

People are often surprised to learn that the Let’s Dish! meals they know and love are actually good for them.  As I develop the monthly menus, I am fully aware that these are the meals you will be feeding your family.  I want them to taste good (hey, we all know some picky eaters), but […]

Dear Mom and Dad, Please Send Food

Many college kids eat a lot of day-old pizza and hot dogs and other questionable fare.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  In the 4 years Let’s Dish! has been open, we’ve noticed a clear trend: Let’s Dish! food being consumed by college students.  Typically, the parents buy the food for their son or daughter […]

Let’s Dish!: Sensible Solutions For Tight Budgets

It’s hard to turn on the TV or open a newspaper without a reminder of the economic challenges our nation is facing. As the turmoil on Wall Street hits home on Main Street, more families are turning to Let’s Dish! for a solution. Here’s why: Let’s Dish! costs less than dining out. What was the […]

Parent/Kid Sessions Featured on ‘Kid Baltimore’ Blog

Judging by the popularity of our Parent/Kid sessions, we knew we were onto something. But even we were surprised and delighted to find we’d been “secret shopped” by Joyce Hesselberth of the popular “Kid Baltimore” blog. “Restaurant-quality food”, she wrote after bringing her daughter to dish on July 31st; “directions are super clear, and the […]

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