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The Dish on Chia Seeds – Give ’em a try!

Our resident foodie, Elizabeth Blake, forwarded me this article ( because she knew that I am a chia fan.  The team is always making fun of me for it, because chia seeds are a bit off the wall.  In fact, my kids openly mock me with “Daddy eats chia pets!” before dissolving into laughter and running […]

Behind the Scenes: January New Meal Tasting

Welcome to Behind the Scenes! Here you will get a sneak peak at the new meals we will be featuring on an upcoming menu. Each month our corporate team meets to review the next menu and to taste (gobble up) the proposed new meals. Last week we sampled the following: Asian Garlic Drumsticks with Coconut […]

The 7 AM Solution

We all know about the little window of time that we crawl through each evening. It begins at a precise moment shortly after the kids are done with sports or activities, stepping off of the late school bus, or when we finish sending the last email at work to face traffic and make it home. […]

No pasta…?! No bread…?!

Could you live without bread or pasta? A few weeks ago a homeopathic health practitioner recommended I eliminate gluten. As he talked about my apparent intolerance to wheat, I had visions of artisan bread floating through my mind. I really didn’t like the idea of giving up my favorite indulgences. My mother recently made the […]

Dishing Makes It Easier – Even For Kitchen Creatives!

We know Let’s Dish! is a dream come true for folks who don’t like to cook.  But what about people who really know their way around the kitchen?  Turns out Let’s Dish! can greatly enhance the fun and creative parts of cooking, even for veteran (but time-starved) chefs. I really enjoy the customers who tell […]

The Bearer of Good News

Last week, I was invited to an elementary school in South Riding, VA. The principal called an “emergency” faculty meeting after school.  But this wasn’t an emergency in the traditional sense; she just wanted to be sure everyone was there… and on time… so that I could deliver some exciting news. You see, at this school there’s a […]

Lisa Dishes Pink on FOX 45

Lisa Hardiman cooks up our “Pink Dish 2008,” Antioxidant-Rich Greek Isle Chicken on FOX 45 Morning News. Delicious, easy-to-make, healthy, and with $5 from each Ready Made purchase supporting local families coping with breast cancer — it’s no wonder Lisa and Alexa have host wowed Fox host, Steve Fertig! Pretty sure he’ll be firing up […]

Catch Lisa on TV!

Lisa Hardiman, Let’s Dish! Mid-Atlantic co-founder, breast cancer survivor and Pink Dish! spokesperson will be hitting the airwaves again.  Catch her Monday, October 13 on Fox45 Morning News (Baltimore) with Kimberly Moore!  She’ll be cooking up our delicious Antioxidant-Rich Greek Isle Chicken, the “official” Pink Dish of 2008 — developed in colaboration with the American […]

Will Blog For Food (Meals For Deserving Families, That Is)

How can you raise money for deserving families without leaving the comfort of your keyboard?  Just include a note about our Campaign in your blog, send us the link (email it to: bloggers-at-letsdish-dot-com), and we’ll donate $5 in your honor.  Hopefully, your words will ripple through Cyberspace and help the Pink Dish! Campaign raise even […]

Whole Grain Goodness

People are loving the whole grain options we now offer at Let’s Dish! locations in Maryland and Northern Virginia.   Whole grain pasta, pitas and brown rice?  Say the word and we’re happy to make the substitution — at no extra charge! Hey, and here’s something you may not know: The brown rice we now use in […]

If You Love a Meal… Dish More of It!

Relax-the-max on most Let’s Dish! meals Due to popular demand (i.e., yours!) we have relaxed our limits on the maximum quantity of any individual meal you can order at a session.  For many meals, we have set the max at 4 (or 8 splits).  A few meals have lower maximums, either because they take longer […]

Enter Our Recipe Contest and Win $100

Share favorite recipe and your next Let’s Dish! session could be FREE. Raid your family’s cookbook and send us your best – entrée, side or dessert. You could win a $100 Let’s Dish! gift card, and may even see your dish on our menu. Entries must be sent to by July 31st, 2008. The […]

You Help Make Our Menus So Wonderful

How do we create such fantastic menus? Well, our talented food team is always cooking up the best recipes months in advance. But did you know our customers play a big role as well? Through the “My Orders” link once you log in to, customers can rate the meals they’ve dished [1 star (not […]

Fall In Love With S’Mores Pie

Back in May, our Let’s Dish! food team of Holly and Holly came to me with an all-new S’mores Pie they had invented. One warm, gooey, chocolatey bite later, I was in love. It was pretty much the best thing I had ever tasted. Now you can get it FREE when you sign up for […]

Don’t miss the Bon Appétit Top 100

On May 13th, Bon Appétit launches their new website, and the most interesting feature for those of you who are “foodies” is that it focuses on the Top 100 recipes from over 50 years of the magazine. Yes, these “100 Dishes you need to know right now” are their favorite, Test Kitchen-approved (and reader-rated) seasonal […]

Guess the kitchen gadget?!

“Gadget Gal” Holly Cole has a little surprise for you today! She recently traveled to Sweden for the 2008 World Skating Championships where she happened to have a little extra time to shop for – you guessed it… kitchen gadgets?! Can you guess what this mystery Swedish kitchen gadget is? Here’s the answer: As my […]

Thank you for coming on our culinary adventure!

Thanks, everyone, for joining us on March’s culinary adventures. Whether you’ve got a worldly palate or prefer home-style cuisine, we hope you learned something about your own tastes, and the dishes that inspire them. Every meal can tell a story, and we’ve enjoyed taking this adventure with you. Next month, the blog will change focus, […]

The Dish On… Wine Selection

Culinary adventures aren’t limited to just the food on the table. We asked our wine partner, Neil Smith of WineSmith (Ashburn, VA), to help guide us in wine selection. And, don’t forget that with the help of wine experts like Neil, Let’s Dish! makes it even easier to select a wine for dinner by pairing […]

A trip to the moon(pie) – yum!

If you’re still wondering about moonpies after my last post on starting a Family Book Club, here’s the answer!  I found this recipe on, a favorite site to try new things.  Southern Moon Pies SUBMITTED BY: Jody Crout “Now you can make this Southern favorite at home. Full of chocolate and marshmallow goodness! Vanilla extract may be substituted with […]

Family Book Club: A Literary & Culinary Adventure

Ever thought of creating a Family Book Club? It’s a great activity for the whole family – and you would be amazed at how you can bring food into it! As I embarked on this culinary adventure with Let’s Dish!, I had no idea where it would take me. I have spent many hours thinking […]

More noodle adventures!

I hope you’re enjoying the culinary adventures brought to you this month by Let’s Dish!.  Today we continue our noodle adventures! Last week, we began our focus on noodles around the world with a post on spaetzle, German noodles.  Today, we move on to Asian Noodles, which are by far the most popular. They have many kinds… so, why […]

Go Global with Epicurious…

Culinary Adventures aren’t limited to Let’s Dish! As I sit at my computer contemplating all the many places I would like to visit in the next few years (naturally inspired by our culinary adventure menu this month at Let’s Dish!), I happened onto Epicurious’s website. I was delighted to see that they too have embarked […]

Grab an OXO gadget!

Here’s a quick gadget recommendation from the Let’s Dish! “Gadget Gal,” Holly Cole: Are you or someone you know having trouble with arthritis? Can’t grip your kitchen tools as you once could? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. I get a new OXO gadget for myself every so often just to make life a little […]

Host a Progressive Dinner Party – Let’s Dish! can help!

Who doesn’t love to throw a dinner party? But…no one wants all that work! Why not organize a Progressive Dinner Party? Here’s how it works: At a progressive dinner party, guests share the duties of cooking, entertaining and cleaning up. Dinner often begins with appetizers and drinks in one location, moves on to the entrée […]

Plan a weekly “geography” dinner!

Are your seatbelts still fastened? Are you still with us? Have you learned anything new so far on your culinary adventures with Let’s Dish!? Speaking of learning something new, here is a great way to get the whole family on board and involved on this little adventure we are taking… Pick one night each week […]

The Dish On…Asian Cuisine

As you may have noticed, at Let’s Dish! we try to maintain a variety of different cuisines that hold a broad family appeal. Today, I’d like to introduce you to one of our favorites: Asian cuisine. Asian Food at a Glance (and a side dish recipe for you!): Asian food, particularly Chinese, Japanese, Thai and […]

Tools for a trip to your own backyard

We’re back with our “gadget gal,” Holly Cole, with another recommendation! This time, her finds are for an adventure in your own backyard. Whether your quest is to be an all-year, outdoor cook or, like the best of us, a fair weather friend of the grill, here are some gadgets we love: The season is […]

Try a noodle adventure!

What is your child’s favorite meal? Most moms would say when all else fails….. Macaroni and Cheese. But, why not try other types of noodles from around the world? German Noodles: Spaetzle The Germans call their noodles spaetzle. Spaetzle is a very popular side dish in Germany which is surprisingly almost never offered in the […]

Around the world in 17 dishes!

When talking through menu “themes” for Let’s Dish! in 2008, the idea of a culinary adventure was exciting to us. I am curious…it’s my nature…What do you think? Is it too different for your family or do you see this as fun and exciting? A change from the everyday?We will return to our regular menu […]

Rum Punch and Real Simple: Dining at Sea

We absolutely love Real Simple Magazine. It’s a good day when it arrives in the mail at my house each month. I suspect if I asked a random sampling of our Let’s Dish! customers and Food for Thought readers out there, thousands of you would say the same. Just last week Real Simple launched its […]

How does your (indoor) garden grow?

This month’s adventure isn’t just about international flavor! As a part of our Culinary Inspiration category, we’ll be discussing all sorts of topics for foodies (or those aspiring to be one) as cooking can be its own daily adventure. The Let’s Dish! food team in the mid-Atlantic knows their way around the kitchen and will […]

How to introduce new foods to children

So, you want to take your family on a risk-free culinary adventure – how do you begin? Well, it’s no different than taking an actual trip … you don’t just find yourself at the destination. Before you go, you determine where you want to go, what sights you want to see, how you’re going to […]

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