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Easter Dessert – Cake or Pie?

Will you be serving cake or pie for Easter Dessert? Either way we’ve got you covered. Our Caramel Coconut Pie with Pecans is a sweet cold treat and a customer favorite that is served right out of the freezer (how easy is that?). New this month are our Pear Cornmeal Cakes – six individual cakes […]

The 7 AM Solution

We all know about the little window of time that we crawl through each evening. It begins at a precise moment shortly after the kids are done with sports or activities, stepping off of the late school bus, or when we finish sending the last email at work to face traffic and make it home. […]

July’s Dish Tip: The dish on Summer Orzo Salad

Orzo…what is it? Featured in our Santorini Chicken Kabobs and Summer Orzo Salad, orzo is rice-shaped pasta.  Orzo soaks up the lemony vinaigrette that gives this meal bright summery flavor. Cook orzo the same way as you would any other pasta – in plenty of water. Although typically pasta should not be rinsed after cooking, […]

Flank Steak Now Available for Pre-order!

Summer is coming…and at Let’s Dish! that means many of our favorite meals will be on the menu: ~Jerk Chicken with Pineapple Salsa ~Chili-Lime Grilled Chicken with Black Bean Salsa ~Montreal Chicken with Homemade Potato Chips ~Napa Valley Burgers ~Pork Tenderloin with Chili-Apricot Glaze …the list goes on. We can’t wait! As you may have […]

All this dishing makes us thirsty

Does anyone really find refreshment in a warm glass of lemonade? Not us, that’s for sure. There’s a solution: the Let’s Dish! tervis tumbler, complete with double-walled insulation that keeps your drinks cold (or hot!) even in 98 degree record-breaking temperatures (wow!). It’s the perfect addition to roadtrips with the family, lounging by the pool, […]

Tis’ the season…

Tis’ the season for delicious food, delectable desserts, and finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list! Let’s Dish! can help with all three, and save you a little dough (and your sanity) at the same time! Here’s how we’re making the holidays hassle-free, fun and delicious: Dishing with Santa: A Special Parent/Kid session! […]

Celebrating five years of dishing in Virginia

It seems like just yesterday that we were one day from opening and I was standing at the door of Dominion Virginia Power’s main office begging them to turn power on to the shopping center. It was August 2005, and we were the first tenant to open in the Cameron Chase Shopping Center in Ashburn. […]

Join the Dinner Revolution and pinch a few pennies

If you’ve dished with us this summer, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard about the Let’s Dish! Dinner Revolution, our initiative to change the way 2010 families eat dinner! For the past 5+ years, we’ve helped over 100,000 Mid-Atlantic families realize that it can be easy and affordable to put a healthy dinner on the […]

Good Deeds Make Good News Stories

A few weeks ago, we wrote posted a letter that we received from Dave Abel, a brother of the UVA Chi Psi Fraternity, that described a truly heartwarming story of brotherly love. We weren’t the only ones who thought it was newsworthy. Earlier this week, the Charlottesville Daily Progress picked up the story… and included […]

Sending Brotherly Love

You may have noticed that we’ve taken a little hiatus from our blog, but I think this letter is a great way to kick it off again! Enjoy this heartwarming story from a group of truly awesome guys: Dear Let’s Dish!: I am writing to say thank you! I am a UVA alumnus, class of […]

It takes a village…

We’re all so busy these days with our careers, children and countless items on our to do lists. Sure, Let’s Dish! helps by providing a healthy, quick dinner even on those crazy nights, but, let’s face it, it truly takes a village to navigate through daily life…complete with neighbors who care. It amazes me that […]

Dear Miss Shoemaker: Thanks!

During my freshman year of high school, I had a history teacher named Miss Shoemaker who (gasp) dared to give us multiple projects at once.  As 14-year-olds, we couldn’t believe it.  She was the “meanest teacher ever” and I spent a lot of time complaining about her to my friends, parents, and relatives.  I remember […]

“Mommy” Loves Us!

OK, you knew that moms everywhere love the taste, convenience and value of Let’s Dish! meals.  But one mom in particular has just discovered Let’s Dish!, and we wanted to share the news with you.  Megan Vance writes for the blog.  And it’s not just *any* blog, in fact, it’s ranked in the too […]

Plan a Baby Shower at Let’s Dish! and Mom-to-Be dishes for FREE!

Help Mom-to-Be get ready for her new little bundle of joy with Let’s Dish!  Host her baby shower at your local store and she dishes a FREE 4-meal session! Anyone who’s had a baby (or knows someone who has!), can vouch that not having to worry about dinner for those first few months is priceless. […]

Team Marcotte on Fox 5 DC!

Our own Elizabeth Marcotte appeared this morning DC’s Fox-5 TV, wowing audiences across the region with Let’s Dish! Grilled Sesame Chicken with Mandarin Orange Salad.  Joined by son Nathan and daughter Julia, Elizabeth demonstrated just how easy Let’s Dish! makes it to serve your family a healthy, delicious meal — even on the busiest schoolnights! […]

Take Advantage of Summer – Dish with Your Son or Daughter!

Spend quality time with your son or daughter… dish together at Let’s Dish!   While children 8+ are welcome to join you at any Let’s Dish! session (subject to a few health and safety conditions, below), many parents prefer our specially marked Parent/Kid(8+) sessions, where there are likely to be special snacks and games, as well […]

Raise Big Funds w/Let’s Dish! – I’ll Show You How

Let’s Dish! takes the hassle out of dinner.  Now we take the hassle out of fundraising as well. Over the past 5 years, Let’s Dish! has raised thousands of dollars for local schools, causes, initiatives and organizations just like yours.  We’ve got toolkits and experience that will make planning and publicizing your event a snap, […]

A Lesson in Saving

Last spring, my friends and I spent hundreds of dollars at restaurants and take-out on vacation.  We didn’t realize we could save over $30 a day by bringing great-tasting, family-friendly meals from Let’s Dish!  Here’s the story: Spending a long weekend away was exactly what we needed, but we didn’t want to go broke doing so!  Excitedly, the four […]

Dishers’ Circle – Always the Best Deal “Out There”

We’re always looking for new ways to delight our customers, especially our regulars.  We’ve increased the new entrees on our menu (have you seen Pretzel-Dusted Chicken Tenders with Raspberry Honey-Mustard on June’s menu?), added more ways to earn DishPoints, and made it easier than ever to afford a session — our “Halves” program, offers you […]

George Foreman to the Rescue!

I use my outdoor grill year round. I use it because I like the grilled flavor it adds to the food and, maybe more importantly, I use it because I embrace the concept of minimal mess. Why use a pot on the stovetop or a pan in the oven when I don’t have to? Many […]

“A Little Piece of Heaven”

OK – so I have a friend (working mom with 2 kids – she and her husband travel a ton for work) who I have been trying to get to Let’s Dish! for 4 years.  For her 40th, a friend and I gave her a Let’s Dish! Gift Card.  Screaming and kicking and complaining, she […]

The 5-Cent Solution

The following post is reprinted with permission from If you’re like most moms I know, you’ve resolved to (1) put healthier food on the dinner table, (2) reduce the outflow of household dollars, and/or (3) be more involved with the kids.   Luckily, I have one tip that will allow you to do all three.  […]

Happy Holidays from Let’s Dish!

December 25th.  Whatever you are celebrating this day or this season, we hope you are enjoying some downtime with friends and family. Our stores are closed today (although, pssst, you can still buy gift cards online in case you forgot someone!) so the 250+ employees of Let’s Dish! can spend the day with their loved […]

Stuff Their Stockings with Salmon (figuratively!)

Ceramic toothpick display case from the Mesozoic era?  So 2007.   This year, givers and receivers alike are thinking about practical gifts.  Gifts that don’t require a schlep to the mall.  Gifts you know they’ll use.  Gifts that reflect what’s important to us – healthy living, time with family, spending our money responsibly. Enter Let’s […]

Fundrasing – It’s Easy and Fun With Let’s Dish!

Fundraising with Let’s Dish!  Raise money for your organization and put delicious, healthy meals on your dinner table at the same time.  Two Ways to Raise Let’s Dish! offers two great ways for your non-profit organization to raise money.  Both options allow your organization members to make great-tasting, homemade meals for their families while raising […]

Respect Your Elders (And help them eat well)!

Most of us owe a whole lot to our parents and grandparents.  They raised us and provided for us and so sometimes it’s nice to give back.  We’ve realized that Let’s Dish! can help with that. Since we opened in 2004, we’ve had a loyal following of seniors who truly adore our product.  They typically […]

The Perfect Gift

‘Tis the perfect season to be thinking about Let’s Dish! Gift Cards.  Here are my six favorite reasons why: Let’s Dish! meals are wholesome, delicious and practical.  So a gift from Let’s Dish! says you really care about them. Your friends and family-members have enough tie racks and ceramic ducks already!  Give them something they’ll […]

Getting Even More Value From Dishing

I’ve been thinking about Let’s Dish! math and the cost per meal. Let me start by sharing the fact that in this economy, I have become scrooge. I am now buying my kids clothes only when the pants become too short or too small or if a change in season demands different clothes. I go […]

Dear Mom and Dad, Please Send Food

Many college kids eat a lot of day-old pizza and hot dogs and other questionable fare.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  In the 4 years Let’s Dish! has been open, we’ve noticed a clear trend: Let’s Dish! food being consumed by college students.  Typically, the parents buy the food for their son or daughter […]

Elizabeth Dishes Pink on WUSA-9!

Elizabeth Marcotte did a wonderful job talking about how Pink Dish! is supporting local families — all the while cooking up a little Antioxidant-Rich Greek Isle Chicken. Watch the video to learn more about Pink Dish!, our special entree this month, and how you can get involved in this year’s campaign …

Catch Elizabeth on Channel 9!

Get your DVR ready! Elizabeth will be on WUSA, DC’s channel 9, Tuesday Oct 21 between 9-10am. She’ll be dishing up Antioxidant-Rich Greek Isle Chicken and talking about all the free meals we’re providing to local families through this year’s Pink Dish! Campagin. Don’t miss it!

Lisa Dishes Pink on FOX 45

Lisa Hardiman cooks up our “Pink Dish 2008,” Antioxidant-Rich Greek Isle Chicken on FOX 45 Morning News. Delicious, easy-to-make, healthy, and with $5 from each Ready Made purchase supporting local families coping with breast cancer — it’s no wonder Lisa and Alexa have host wowed Fox host, Steve Fertig! Pretty sure he’ll be firing up […]

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