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Behind the Scenes: December New Meal Tasting

Welcome to Behind the Scenes! Here you will get a sneak peak at the new meals we will be featuring on an upcoming menu. Each month our corporate team meets to review the next menu and to taste (gobble up) the proposed new meals. Earlier this week we sampled the following: Balsamic Pork Tenderloins with […]

Hotspots from Let’s Dish!: We’re coming to your neighborhood!

We frequently hear from our customers that they would love to see Let’s Dish! locations closer to home. While we currently do not have plans to open any new locations, we’re incredibly excited to offer six Hotspots (drop-off locations) in Northern Virginia beginning September 2013. Order up to 12 meals plus ready mades each month and […]

Meet February’s Featured Disher

I recently reached out to our Dishers via Facebook in search of a ‘Featured Disher’ for our February e-newsletter. This response, from Anne Smith, who dishes at our Timonium, MD location, caught my eye. In light of Valentine’s day coming up, I loved hearing that Anne and her husband often dish together to get in […]

It’s baaack….our annual Halloween-themed parent-kid session!

Now dishing….’Humble Pie’.

I recently reached out to Cathy Alifrangis to be our featured disher in Let’s Dish’s monthly e-newsletter. Cathy is retired (she says dishing and not cooking adds to the joy of retirement 😉 and has a daughter away at college. She has also dished with us, oh, 69 times. She’s what we’d call a “seasoned […]

A Little Help with Navigating Spring Sports Season

I recently took on a new hobby: running. I trained with a local group and partnered up with a mother of two. By late February my usually prompt cohort was seen pulling into training sessions last minute. She was a teacher that commuted across town, her husband commuted from their home in Northeast Baltimore County […]

President’s Day Parent/Kid Session

School’s out this President’s Day (Monday, February 20th) and Let’s Dish! is open for a special Parent/Kid session. Just like our Second Sunday Parent/Kid Sessions, we are inviting you to bring your young one along to help you dish out your favorite meals. Plus, at this special session we’ll be sending you home with a […]

Announcing the Lighter Side of Let’s Dish!

While we’ve never considered ourselves a diet company, but rather proud proponents of a healthy lifestyle, Let’s Dish! has helped a lot of dishers (myself included) to make healthier choices at mealtime and shed some pounds. Just this past year we featured Fran Mansuy who lost 158 pounds incorporating Let’s Dish! meals and following Weight […]

No pasta…?! No bread…?!

Could you live without bread or pasta? A few weeks ago a homeopathic health practitioner recommended I eliminate gluten. As he talked about my apparent intolerance to wheat, I had visions of artisan bread floating through my mind. I really didn’t like the idea of giving up my favorite indulgences. My mother recently made the […]

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