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The 7 AM Solution

We all know about the little window of time that we crawl through each evening. It begins at a precise moment shortly after the kids are done with sports or activities, stepping off of the late school bus, or when we finish sending the last email at work to face traffic and make it home. […]

This I Believe – The Importance of the Family Dinner

These days, a common theme in Middle School curriculum is the power of conviction. Students are taught to advocate for themselves and to use their voices and written words to articulate their values, beliefs and dreams. Recently we learned about an eighth grade assignment at The Potomac School in McLean Virginia where each student was […]

Celebrating five years of dishing in Virginia

It seems like just yesterday that we were one day from opening and I was standing at the door of Dominion Virginia Power’s main office begging them to turn power on to the shopping center. It was August 2005, and we were the first tenant to open in the Cameron Chase Shopping Center in Ashburn. […]

It takes a village…

We’re all so busy these days with our careers, children and countless items on our to do lists. Sure, Let’s Dish! helps by providing a healthy, quick dinner even on those crazy nights, but, let’s face it, it truly takes a village to navigate through daily life…complete with neighbors who care. It amazes me that […]

Our Pink Dish Story Continues

Three years ago when we started the Pink Dish! program, I had no idea how big it would become.  This was more of a personal story for me, as my family has dealt with breast cancer in a way I’d not wish upon my worst enemies.  But I am proud of how we were able […]

Squeeze In Your Workout!

At Let’s Dish! we’re all about helping busy people get more done with less money in less time.  So when I learned about the new free fitness website designed to help busy people get more done with less money in less time, I just had to share it with our Let’s Dish! family. features […]

Raise Big Funds w/Let’s Dish! – I’ll Show You How

Let’s Dish! takes the hassle out of dinner.  Now we take the hassle out of fundraising as well. Over the past 5 years, Let’s Dish! has raised thousands of dollars for local schools, causes, initiatives and organizations just like yours.  We’ve got toolkits and experience that will make planning and publicizing your event a snap, […]

Dishing Makes It Easier – Even For Kitchen Creatives!

We know Let’s Dish! is a dream come true for folks who don’t like to cook.  But what about people who really know their way around the kitchen?  Turns out Let’s Dish! can greatly enhance the fun and creative parts of cooking, even for veteran (but time-starved) chefs. I really enjoy the customers who tell […]

FREE Meals for New Moms!

Moms are the busiest people in the world.  And new moms?  There just aren’t enough hours in the day! It’s practically a miracle when a new mom has time to shower, let alone put a real dinner on her family’s table.  That’s why Let’s Dish! is making sure new moms get at least one convenient, […]

Vote for Teacher of the Year!

If you were lucky, over the course of your many years as a student, you crossed paths with some great teachers. Great teachers are the ones whose names and classrooms you remember vividly all these years later. In the early years they likely greeted you with a bright classroom and a warm and friendly smile. […]

Farewell Susan

We recently learned of the passing of our 2008 Pink Dish for a Year recipient Susan Marrinan. Of course, we are very saddened by this news. I had the privilege of meeting Susan on two occasions. The first was the day that I shared with her and her fellow teachers and the Little River Elementary […]

George Foreman to the Rescue!

I use my outdoor grill year round. I use it because I like the grilled flavor it adds to the food and, maybe more importantly, I use it because I embrace the concept of minimal mess. Why use a pot on the stovetop or a pan in the oven when I don’t have to? Many […]

The 5-Cent Solution

The following post is reprinted with permission from If you’re like most moms I know, you’ve resolved to (1) put healthier food on the dinner table, (2) reduce the outflow of household dollars, and/or (3) be more involved with the kids.   Luckily, I have one tip that will allow you to do all three.  […]

The Bearer of Good News

Last week, I was invited to an elementary school in South Riding, VA. The principal called an “emergency” faculty meeting after school.  But this wasn’t an emergency in the traditional sense; she just wanted to be sure everyone was there… and on time… so that I could deliver some exciting news. You see, at this school there’s a […]

Getting Even More Value From Dishing

I’ve been thinking about Let’s Dish! math and the cost per meal. Let me start by sharing the fact that in this economy, I have become scrooge. I am now buying my kids clothes only when the pants become too short or too small or if a change in season demands different clothes. I go […]

Let’s stop calling our kids “picky” eaters.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor of being a guest in Mrs. Carlivati’s 5th and 6th grade science classes at Nysmith School in Virginia. Mrs. Carlivati, an amazing teacher, does a unit on nutrition with her classes. In celebration of AHA’s Go Red for Women campaign, I was invited to lead a […]

Simple steps to a clean kitchen.

It’s very satisfying to have a clean kitchen at the end of the day. When everyone helps it gets done much faster. Here’s a simple tip to make kitchen clean up a snap: Break down kitchen clean-up by using a garbage bowl for table scraps and paper napkins and stack similar dishes in the sink […]

Set up a portable homework center at the heart of your house.

To help kids do their homework (and not be on a scavenger hunt for supplies), set up a portable homework center. You could use a tackle box or portable file box. Be sure to include all those necessary tools for homework such as glue, scissors, markers, tape, calculator, extra paper, pencils and the like. With […]

Save the memory not the clutter.

Usually memories are better than the reality. Actually, good memories and stories seem to get even better as time passes. Nothing about piles of stuff cluttering up your space gets better. Creating an album/journal where you can write stories, paste photos, articles and small souvenirs is a great way to memorialize many of life’s precious […]

What’s going to work? Teamwork!

Enlist the support of a trusted friend to help you attack an organizing task. You can visit with each other as you work, which will make the task more enjoyable. – Susan M. Thompson, Professionally Organized Places, LLC, For me, everything is easier with a buddy. Having someone else to answer to seems to […]

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