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Announcing the Lighter Side of Let’s Dish!

While we’ve never considered ourselves a diet company, but rather proud proponents of a healthy lifestyle, Let’s Dish! has helped a lot of dishers (myself included) to make healthier choices at mealtime and shed some pounds. Just this past year we featured Fran Mansuy [1] who lost 158 pounds incorporating Let’s Dish! meals and following Weight Watchers. A couple of years back we heard from Brian and Renee Parks [2] who combined lost 40 pounds.

We thought January would be the perfect time to spread the word about what we’re calling “The Lighter Side of Let’s Dish!”, which essentially makes it easier for you to spot healthy choices while you’re in our stores. What qualifies a meal as being part of the “Lighter Side of Let’s Dish!”? Our guideline is that main course of the meal and the included side together are under 400 calories per serving. The next time you’re in our store, check out our Ready Made case and look for this logo to find a healthy meal selection. (A smaller version also appears on our printed and online menus indicating meals that are part of the Lighter Side of Let’s Dish!)


Again, our focus is a healthy lifestyle and giving you the option to make the healthier choice (check out Ashley’s blog post about making the better choice [3]). It also comes down to this: we’re a local, family-owned business and we have hectic schedules too, (read: soccer practice, karate, chorus recitals, etc!) and we want to make a healthy lifestyle more obtainable. This is just one way we strive to make a difference. We hope you’ll stop by our stores and try our healthier selections and see how easy it can be to make the better choice.


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