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FREE scones for fans if…

Posted By Ashley On November 10, 2011 @ 1:18 pm In Just for Fun | 3 Comments

*Update! We’ve extended this promo… Help us get to 4500 fans by midnight on Wednesday, November 30th and all fan get FREE scones the following week!*

sconefb.jpg [1]Sure, we like popularity. We’re proud that Let’s Dish! has been the region’s leader in meal assembly since our inception 7 years ago. We’re delighted that fans of Let’s Dish! rave about our products and services. And we want to reward those of you who have (and will) formalize your “fanship” by fanning us on Facebook [1]. So we hereby issue a challenge to all those dishers on Facebook (c’mon, we know you have an account and are on there more often than you care to admit!):

Help us get to 4500 fans by midnight on Friday November 25th, and all fans get free scones the next week.

That’s right… just join our growing legion of Facebook fans (click here to get started) [1]. Not only will you get access to special deals and offers, but you also will get the chance for free scones on Wednesday November 30th… yup, if we hit the big 4500, we’ll alert all fans over the weekend. Print your FB page with proof of fanship, bring it into any Let’s Dish! location, and we’ll give you scones – FREE. Woo hoo! Tell your friends and help us reach our goal!

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