How we’ve lost over 40lbs with help from Let’s Dish!

One of the questions we hear fairly often from new customers is “Well, is it diet food?” Of course, we say Let’s Dish! is technically not “diet food” as we all tend to think of it, but we do explain that our meals can certainly help busy families live a healthy lifestyle. When we heard this great story from the Parks family, we knew we wanted to share it with all of you, as a testimony to “eating right” with Let’s Dish! and perhaps as a little inspiration for those of us who would like to lose a few pounds!  Enjoy!

The ParksLet’s Dish! is an integral part of our whole family’s weight loss success thus far.  The key is delicious and satisfying meals that are portion-controlled. There’s nothing worse than being on a diet if it means coming home to a piece of boiled fish and a rice cake.  Prior to discovering Let’s Dish!, we tried a diet food company with less than desirable offerings – imagine a “turkey burger” with the consistency (and taste) or wet sawdust.  In sharp contrast, Let’s Dish! allows us to prepare gourmet-style, well-balanced, “regular food” meals that we look forward to.  The best feature is that you’ve put the meal together yourself – you’ve set the portion sized and added the ingredients – and when it’s gone, you’re done eating.  And, since you’ve just finished a great piece of flank steak or a juicy pork chop with delicious sides, you don’t need to raid the pantry to find something tasty when you’re through.  Also, the Let’s Dish! menu is infinitely more varied and flavorful then our “pre-diet” fare of Monday spaghetti, Tuesday tuna casserole, etc.  The bottom line is between the two of us, we’ve lost over 40 pounds in three months with exercise, lots of water and great ready-to-cook meals from Let’s Dish!

Brian & Renee Parks
Woodbridge, VA

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    This is terrific! Congrats, Brian & Renee. What great news and what great efforts on your part. We are proud to be a part of your success. Personally, I find LD products so valuable for the same reasons you do– tasty, “regular” food that is portion controlled. So many of the diet problems folks face are related to portion size. I catch myself mindlessly eating too much all the time– even beyond what I’m hungry for! I’ve actually started tracking my daily intake more carefully. I don’t want to overdo it, but with a lot of the latest iPhone and Blackberry apps, it’s quite easy to do. The results can be very illuminating. Just being more aware of what I’m eating has helped me stay on track. And Let’s Dish! food has been a big part of it. Keep it up! –Rick (co-owner, Let’s Dish!)

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