“Mommy” Loves Us!

OK, you knew that moms everywhere love the taste, convenience and value of Let’s Dish! meals.  But one mom in particular has just discovered Let’s Dish!, and we wanted to share the news with you.  Megan Vance writes for the mommypr.com blog.  And it’s not just *any* blog, in fact, it’s ranked in the too 1% of websites across the whole Internet*.  So we were thrilled to read her assessment of a recent visit to our Fairfax location.

Thanks Megan, for helping us spread the word.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Here’s an excerpt of her review:

My sister and I don’t typically share the same tastes so we weren’t able to split each of the meals. Instead we both tried out two dishes. My sister dished up some black bean and spinach enchiladas as well as a shrimp and orzo dish. She cooked up her enchiladas at home first and had rave reviews saying how tasty there were, especially since they were a vegetarian dish (she’s a big meat lover). Next came the shrimp and orzo dish. I thought she was going to go back to Let’s Dish immediately and order just 4 dishes of the shrimp and orzo! She had nothing but tasty “yums” and good things to say about this dish.

I ordered the Parmesan Crusted Chicken with Sweet Potato Fries which I cooked up at home first. Oh…my…gosh! The flavor and juiciness of the chicken was beyond words. I still have half of the dish frozen in my freezer but I’m waiting for someone special to visit me so I can cook it up and wow them with my fabulous culinary skills!  Next I cooked up the Mahi Tacos – ooh la la I love these tacos! I was truly surprised at the huge chunks of Mahi they provided for each taco. Both of my dishes are highly recommended and I’d definitely order these again!

To read Megan’s entire review, click here.

*this according to the Alexa Traffic Survey, as of Sept 2009
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