Introducing Family Matters: The Importance of Family Dinner

We thought we’d switch topics quickly for a moment and introduce our new “Family Matters” category for an important reason.  A story came out yesterday on ABC 7 (WJLA) that focuses family dinners and their importance to healthy eating, particularly among teenage girls. 

The TV news segment discusses a new study that finds teenage girls are less likely to have an eating disorder when they eat their meals with family members.  And, the piece features our Let’s Dish! co-owner, Elizabeth Marcotte, who gives her perspective on quality time during family dinner, and several of our customers in Northern Virgina.  A special thanks to customer Anna Knapp (for letting the WJLA cameras follow her home and watch her family have dinner) and Susan Lippolis (who shares that she brings her teenage daughter to dish for her own important reasons).  We appreciate your insight and enthusiasm for Let’s Dish!.

“Eating Disorders Less Likely When Family Eats Together”
Click here to read and watch the video of the WJLA story
(WJLA, January 7, 2007; Alexandria, VA)

Since we have an abundance of busy parents among our dishers, we thought it would be an interesting article to share.  I know as a mother to two young daughters, I’m already grateful that they are starting off their nutrition habits with a healthy perspective with Let’s Dish!.  And, I value the best advice I can get on how to keep them healthy in the future.

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